Let’s speak the truth about: ‘Baby Blues’.

I felt really embarrassed to publish this video and a bit frightened to.  Why? Well, in it – I’m laid bare, I’m feeling down, it’s just four days after giving birth and I look like SHIT.

So why did I publish it?

Well, I talk about the baby blues and my experience, how I felt after giving birth, all the changes your whole self goes through and what you can do to come out the other side.

I desperately needed someone to tell me the truth, hug me tightly and say, ‘don’t worry – it’s all normal, it’s tough right now but it will get better’.

All I could find on the internet was either factual, impersonal reports on hormones and baby blues or whimsical stories on the miracle of birth.  Why wasn’t anyone talking about how frikkin’ hard the fourth trimester is or post natal period is? Honestly, openly, realistically?


So here I am, on zero hours sleep, looking horrific, feeling just the same.  It is dark because it’s ridiculously early in the morning, I’ve not slept and  I’m whispering because my baby is breast feeding while I record.

What do I want you to get from this?

I want you to know you’re not alone, that it’s OK to feel these things and that IT WILL GET BETTER.  Giving birth can be traumatic enough and then we have the aftermath but you know what, six weeks on – I’m in a totally different place and I will share with you what helped/ helps me along the journey.

Stay tuned.  You got this.


UPDATE: This was originally written a log time ago – and that baby is now four years old!

If you’re reading this and are in the fourth trimester, I know that baby blues is a shit expression for such a hard period in your life. It’s way more than the blues, I know but I can tell you it’s blummin’ great in the future.

Your body will recover, your mind will grow stronger and your lifestyle will adapt. Please talk to people, it really helps and you are never alone.

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