My nanna used to say, ‘look the part and act the part – and you’ll BE the part’. I couldn’t agree more; what you wear sends signals to others about who you are. What you wear can change your mood and guide your emotions.

What if, your wardrobe choices made you feel strong, brave, awesome…or indeed however you want to feel?

It’s totally possible. The personal styling I offer my clients goes deep, taking you from feeling down and critical about yourself to embracing who you are, enjoying that and being unapologetically you. 

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What my clients say:

Beth took me through what I’m now calling “the cleanse” – not only of my wardrobe, but she also helped me address and work through some pretty deep feelings that came up about my previous work and how I’d dressed to hide parts of my personality – it was such an unexpected yet incredible experience, which resulted in me clearing out most of my wardrobe and shedding that person I’d almost been pretending to be for such a long time. 

As well as organising what was left of my clothes and showing me how put together outfits with ease, the final step of my styling experience with Beth was a shopping trip. And boy did we shop and have an absolute ball doing so! 

I am absolutely thrilled with all of my purchases and my wardrobe is now brimming with outfits and options that I truly can’t wait to show off. 

Gemma Denness

I enjoyed every minute of my time with Beth! I learned so much from her, she got me to try things I would never of before but I found I loved.

Kate Carter