Personal shopping and gifting

Do you love to look good but hate shopping? Are you a thoughtful person with no time to shop for that special gift? Do you need to shop for whatever reason but have no time / inclination / idea of where to start?

Let me help you.

How it works

  • I take all the stress and hassle away from all of the above so that you can relax knowing I have everything covered.
  • Using decades of styling experience with a contacts book to match, I can curate edited collections for you, source impressive, romantic and game changing gifts.
  • I’ll ask you to complete a profile for the person we’re shopping for, whether that’s you or someone you are gifting to understand the needs and budget.
  • I’ll create a digital list of ideas for you to approve and steer. Some people prefer a quick phone/ video call from the store while I’m there, or an email with links to suggestions. Whatever works best for you and your time, we’ll do that.
  • If it’s the personal gifting service you need, I source your chosen gifts for you, arrange any personalisation, beautifully gift wrap the gifts to suit your recipients style and have it delivered to your chosen destination.
  • If it’s a personal shopping trip, I arrange for the edited collection to be delivered to your door at a time and place convenient for you. You can of course drop by the store to pick it up in person if you prefer. The edit will be there waiting for you in your name.

The cost

Personal gifting: I charge £25 per hour to source individual gifts + the cost of the gifts, packaging and delivery costs.

Personal shopping: The cost depends on how may pieces you need, starting from £60 for one hour shopping. Costs are the same as the personal styling services which may also interest you.

Connect with me to book a free consultation.