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My ice bath experience.

A month ago, I had a fire and ice experience led by Lisa Shabbas and it changed my life.

Lisa is an ex military bodyguard who unplugged. The beast to being programme I took part in, held at Beach Box Sauna Spa in Brighton, sees you start with a swim in the sea, followed by an intense heat sauna sitting, before plunging yourself into a bath of ice cubes. Yes really.

The method teaches you to breathe through fears and physical sensations, promoting strength of mind over matter and inner power.

There was a small group of other women who joined me, each of us there for our own reasons. Some needed to heal, others needed strength, we all wanted to rise up.

The ice bath – full to the brim with ice cubes.

Taking in the sunset at the start of the experience put me in the head space of being appreciative and receptive. When we all headed into the otherwise calm sea, the waves picked up and we all got pushed under by a random fierce wave! I crashed into someone, bruising my cheekbone which earned me the nickname Shiner by Lisa. Talk about a warrior experience from the get-go!

The sunset that night put me into a receptive frame of mind.

The intense heat session before the ice bath promotes release. I don’t know how she does it, but without any naff small talk or sharing, we just went straight into feeling. This cathartic release is an individual reaction. The entire experience is. Some sobbed, some sat in stillness. What it gave me personally was acceptance – to the things causing me pain in my life. I went into the experience with the goal of proving to myself that I could do this in order to feel stronger.

Lisa shared that she could see my subconscious mind working way before I braved the big waves that christened my nickname, ‘I found your calmness and resilience inspiring. You knew internally why you were going in and responded like a true warrior’.

Lisa whispered these words to me while holding my hand, ‘you’re rising now Beth’, as I lay calmly in the ice after mastering the breathing technique.

Doing shadow work like this sees you face your pain and truths, and then punch it in the face. Once you’ve done that, you’re able to rise and bring more kick ass energy into our world. It’s a very intimate experience so be prepared for that before you watch the video.

Watch the video:

It’s a very intimate, personal experience and your reaction will be unique to you.

I’ve come out stronger, clearer and more courageous and I can’t thank Lisa enough.

Remember, ‘It’s ok if you fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure that, when you get back up, you rise as the whole damn fire.’

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