Frequently Asked Questions

We share a lot so small groups enable us to maintain self confidence in opening up while also ensuring everyone gets a chance to speak and receive quality time and attention.
Facebook is the platform where all the useful tips, content and group mentoring takes place so you’ll need a profile, but feel free to create one purely for this purpose. You don’t need to populate it or post on it.
My goal is to hold them monthly but no promises. It’s best to sign up and join the waiting list so you don’t miss out.
The fortnightly calls will be scheduled on Wednesdays at 10:30 GMT and the 1-2-1 consultations on days and times that suit you. As will the wardrobe detox and shopping trip. If you can’t make Wednesdays calls, that’s not a problem since all of the calls are recorded so that you can replay them at any time just by visiting the group Facebook feed.
Yes, I open the doors one month before each programme, closing the doors five days before it begins (or as soon as all places have been taken). This is so I can create the group ready for kick off and gather your details.  The first programme starts on Monday 2nd November 2020 so doors will close on Wednesday 28th October 2020.

Contact me if you need any further info.