I have 20 years experience in styling, art direction, brand marketing and communications – successfully bringing out the best in people, brands and businesses.

I used to shy away from declaring and owning such a versatile skillset since people like to pigeon hole you, or can’t understand how you can do all of those things well. For me it’s simple – I’m a creative, I thrive when I help people and I have a passion for making people, places and businesses become the best they can be.

I’ve had a colourful career, having run my own PR and events agency for six years, contributed to glossy magazine columns, TV and radio appearances and written my own book, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness – praised by none other than Elle MacPherson.


Today, in my role as a Personal and Interior Stylist, I use all the tools and techniques I’ve learned over the last 20 year-long career to help people understand their core needs and desired image, and create looks, spaces and campaigns that deliver that to them.


Decades of experience in working with people on both personal and professional levels, and my deep passion and desire to help others, led to mentoring. I’ve been fortunate enough to mentor several people over the last five years, helping to guide them in finding the solutions they need support in finding.

From career advice and practical progress tools to tackling self esteem issues and fostering confidence, I offer mentoring through my membership community, It Takes Tits and personalised 1:1 mentoring.

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