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What We REALLY Want for Mothers Day

Posted March 10, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

It’s Mothers Day this Sunday 15th March and while the ad agencies and propaganda are telling are our loved ones that we all want flowers and chocolates, I can think of a few things we’d like more.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d never say no to neither chocolates nor blooms but I think my top five gift ideas might beat them.

So, this is to the ‘other halves’ out there…

1.  Give Us a Lie-In

We’ve probably not had a lie in (or been able to sleep through the night once), without a crying baby / toddler tantrum / just being a parent, so even if we aren’t asleep, give us a lie-in.  Y’know – the time to just lie in bed and do nothing for a bit could be the best gift ever.  Better still, take the little ones out and give us a quiet house while we do it.

2.  Let’s Have Date Night

We miss you and we miss ourselves sometimes.  By that I mean, yes – our little bundles of joy are our entire reason for being and we love them more than anything BUT – we do still think about what life was like before they arrived, including how we were and how things were with you.  So let’s have a night ‘off’ and kick up our heels.  Arrange for a sitter or the Grandparents to stay over and get up with them in the morning too.  For one night only, we’ll reminisce and get drunk together (only to probably miss our new crazy life and the crazy critters in it).









3.  ‘Me Time’

We can’t always look after ourselves like we used to pre-children ‘cos they’re now our priority and so, personally speaking, my weekly pedicure no longer exists (hello Dragon toenails), dry shampoo is my best friend and I’m a genius when it comes to time saving and corner cutting so…get us a massage or mani at a spa and TELL us we absolutely shouldn’t feel guilty, that this is the least we deserve.







4.  Family Time

Sometimes though, we just want to be with you all and there’s nothing better, so let’s go out and have fun somewhere different…but perhaps you can do the running around today.

5.  Romance

If going out isn’t possible, a romantic meal for two at home once the little ones are in bed would be wonderful and buy us lingerie to open at dinner.  Alright, in my experience, I won’t look good in thongs like I used to so french knickers…with a high waist…and a built in girdle would be best 🙂

But seriously, getting us something that tells us you still fancy us; that says ‘you’re a sexy woman’, rather than something practical that says ‘you’re a mum’ will always be gratefully received.

Of course, because we’re women – we are enigmas and you’ll probably not get it right despite your best efforts (kidding), so this lovely lot will put a smile on her face because it is original and we do love gifts…

An Original Way to Give Flowers


I love the Durance Lavender Scented Flower Diffuser from Love Aroma.  These paper flowers when placed in the fragrance-filled bottle, soak up the fragrance through the stem and subtly diffuse it.  Plus they look pretty chic and drown out nappy pongs too – hurrah!

Chocolate, but at it’s best


This Spoil Yourself Hamper by KEELHAM FARM SHOP includes chocolate coated raspberries and Prosecco – the only way to enjoy chocolate.  Run her a bath and like I often do – she’ll enjoy bubbles in her bath and bubbles in her glass!

Jewellery that will Mean Something Forever


This Personalised Wooden Handprint Necklace by MARIA ALLEN BOUTIQUE features your child’s handprint or footprint etched onto a wooden disc and placed into a sterling silver setting.

You can make a handprint or a footprint first with the kit they’ll send you and can even have text underneath it.  You then scan and email or post it back and they’ll create the necklace and send it back to you as the finished piece a few days later.  What a gorgeous way to hold your child close to your heart.  Aww.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard-working, beautiful and kind Mothers out there.  You’re blummin’ marvelous.