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Warm Up Chilly Mornings with Self-Heating Beauty Products

Posted October 21, 2014 by Bethanie Lunn

As the days grow colder, mornings get more challenging for me and I always dread that f-f-freezing feeling when you get out of the shower (if we busy mums are lucky enough to squeeze in the time for one).  So, I’m looking at beauty products that heat up on your skin and leave you feeling warm and cosy in the chill.

Rituals Hammam Hot Scrub, £19.50 (250ml) is one of my favourites for the morning as it really wakes you (and your skin), up!  Originating in Turkey, the Hammam, meaning ‘spreader of warmth,’ said to help cleanse both mind and body. Packed full with revitalising Rosemary, warming Ginger and fresh Eucalyptus, this huge tub of purifying sea salt has been formulated to provide skin with a wonderful tingly feeling, boosting your mood and reducing tiredness. Now THAT sounds like a Modern Mum must-have.

It lives up to the claims too as the Eucalyptus fragrance hits your senses immediately, feeling like it clears your sinuses and a foggy head – making it great for mornings following a tough night with the little ones.  This is followed by the comforting tingle of the Ginger as it smooths over your skin.  Love it!

My Other Hot Favourites

Left to right: Montagne Jeunesse Hot Spring Sauna heats up on your skin immediately and gets lovely and toasty, with exfoliating Bamboo to remove the dull, dead skin cells that winter brings.  Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser, £4.99 (100ml) – is another impressive self-heating product for the face and gentle enough to be used daily to keep blackheads at bay.  Sanctuary Hot Sugar Scrub, £12 has the same fabulous self-warming effect on the body for chilly nights and super smooth skin.

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