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To Be Frank: Smart Casual

Posted September 17, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

Ladies what can I say? I’ve not posted my column here for way too long.  I do apologise (that’s a new word I’ve just learned).  Learning how to make a wee on the big loo, talking fluently like the grown ups and moving into a big bed take time and I’ve been so busy with it all. But I’m back and here is my first of many more outfit posts of coolness…


This look is for a party we went too full of my mates at nursery.  I’m wearing distressed jeans, a heritage paisley shirt and scuffed builders boots.  Mum says mixing distressed items with smart ones give an overall smart casual appeal.  She told me that word for word.  I’m not sure what it actually means.

I like the sleeves rolled up to keep it a bit more laid back, plus it allows me to wrestle with the other boys and bash ’em all up more easily.

Right, well I’m off to much on some toast, currently my favourite food and word, for that matter.  Oh, and did I tell you?  I’m expecting a sibling.  Mummy and Daddy have told me that my bother or sister is in my mummy’s tummy.  I don’t quite understand what it’s doing there but I said hello to it last night.  Exciting stuff.

Until next time, Frankie x

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