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The Modern Mum’s Guide to: Making Motherhood a tad easier

Posted July 9, 2014 by Bethanie Lunn

My day can start at 5.30am, if my little boy so chooses and from that very minute on, it’s go-go-go.  I used to think 10am was early.

As a mum in the early days I suddenly had to do everything one-handed – preparing food, applying makeup (pah), getting dressed, going to the loo(!) all while jiggling a child on one hip.  Now though, I’ve learned some clever tricks to make it all that little bit easier.

My morning routine is jam-packed but as organised and efficient as can be.  Follow my top five tips and you’ll start to feel less disorderly soon enough.

1.  Become a coffee connoisseur

Trust me, coffee is your best friend.  It sets me up for the day and gives me the energy I need to consistently entertain a one year old!  Make it good, get a machine that does it for you or a french press and you will never look back.

2.  Don’t put pressure on yourself

You can’t do it all.  No really, you can’t and you don’t blummin have to!  The sooner you start realising that Supergirl is a fictional character, the better.  Give yourself a break.  YOU’RE DOING GREAT.

3.  Be kind to each other

If you have a partner, make the most of your time together and keep it real.  At times, you may just want to punch him in the face, but instead, remember why you love each other and spend the time you do have (even if it’s just 30 minutes), doing things that are for YOU, NOT talking about chores and taking your s**t out on each other

4.  Learn to love mess

Raisins stuck to your behind?  Raisins all over the car?  Raisins in your handbag?  They get everywhere don’t they.  Trust me, as much as you might try to keep the house/ car/ couture stain-free, hand prints, spillages and sticky mess is going to part of every day life so relax.  It’s really no big deal plus wet wipes are the way forward.  Never leave home without them, not even when alone.

5.  Relaaaax

I remember when I was a kid and used to catch my mum on the sofa with her eyes closed, ‘mummy, are you asleep?’, I used to yell across the room. ‘No, I’m just resting my eyes’, she would say.  Clever mummy.  She had developed the innate ability to rest while being on the ball with her children.  The moral of the story?  Whether its a long soak in a hot bubble bath once the kids are in bed or five minutes closing your eyes while they play, TAKE THE TIME TO CHILL.

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