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The Bugaboo Donkey: Final Review

Posted April 9, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn


The Bugaboo Donkey as a Duo – both facing

Team Mardon (that’s our family name), have been testing The Bugaboo Donkey to see if suits our active lifestyles and caters to our two children of different ages.  You can read the original review of our first impressions *here* and watch the below video to check it out in full.  Onwards, I discuss transportation, how easy it is to convert and manoeuvre and the all-important fold…

Watch the video >>>


The Bugaboo Donkey converts from a mono to a duo with three easy clicks.  Everything is so easy to lift off, clip in and close down.  My husband figured it out without even looking at the instruction manual (such a bloke), since it is so cleverly designed.


Easy-click buttons make conversion so simple – yes, really!


Since you’re housing two children comfortably, the frame is wide as a duo in my opinion, although its width is only 5,4 inches wider than mono-configuration – I did find it a challenge to get through some entrances – not all – just some.  For instance, I couldn’t manoeuvre it through our narrow garden gate but it was perfectly fine throughout the supermarket – so it really depends on your personal circumstances.  The shopping basket is worth a mention too – roomy enough to fit my bulky catering-for-two changing bag in plus some shopping essentials.  Watch the video again for this, my choices of groceries totally give away the fact that I’m a hard-working mum, ha ha.  Anyone for Prosecco?

Featured here as a mono

Featured here as a mono

For the same reason, and because there are two seats (one buggy seat, one pram), it wouldn’t all fit in our car boot but it did fold down incredibly easy.  See onwards for more on this all-important feature.

I therefore find it brilliant for long strolls, travelling and an active lifestyle which to me, is exactly what The Bugaboo Donkey prides itself on.  You’re not limited in getting out and about with two children thanks to it.  Since we love to be active and take in the views of where we live, next to the beach – it suits us well.

The Fold

A push of a button and pull of the frame, and it folds down to a tiny, neat package.  Yessssss!  We all know what a nightmare a badly designed buggy can be to fold down, to the point where you just want to give up (or kick it)!  The Bugaboo Donkey is so easy to fold, you’ll want to kiss it.

Movement & Handling

It is super easy to steer and offers a very smooth ride with great suspension.  You’ll see in the video that we tested it on a number of surfaces including the rough terrain of our private road – and it doesn’t get more pot holed and pebbly than that.

The suspension and steering was so slick that our (very active) toddler fell asleep in it – that never happens!  This is thanks to the excellent shock absorption, one-handed steering and a seamless 360º turn.  Watch the video to see us demonstrating this.


The wheels are designed specifically to suit the journeys they will make and are awesome at getting up and down bumpy curbs too. The harness of the seated side opens and closes with one easy click, no pulling, jerking, no wondering how the hell to loosen and tighten it.  Phew.


One facing you, the other turned out


Both the seat and pram sizes are ample, see dimensions in the original first impressions review *here*.  Baby girl had plenty of room and so did toddler boy.  The fact that our son fell asleep in it is total testament to its comfort.  They both seem very happy in it.  The materials are robust and high quality, durable and easy to clean by wiping down with a damp cloth.

Quality and Value for Money

This will last you years and is ready to go from day one.  The carrycot easily converts into a seat and vice versa.  You can have it as a single pram or stroller, as a duo for two kids and have either of them or both facing away, facing you or one of each.  The Bugaboo Donkey Duo has an RRP £1199.00 minus accessories which although it sounds pricey, will cater to two children from birth to approx four years old, and beyond if you opt for the accessories such as the compatible buggy board.  You could in this case take care of three children very easily.  It’s a slick, smart and intelligent design that grows with you and makes getting about very easy and enjoyable and to me, that is worth the price tag.


Overall, my husband and give The Bugaboo Donkey 9 out of 10.  We love how stylish it looks, the smooth steering and turning, how easy it is to convert and the fact that it comfortably caters to our two children of different ages.
I also love how proud it made my soon feel, riding next to his sister (see video of the adorable evidence).  He took comfort in seeing her and she took comfort in having him close, so it helps build a bond between your kids too.

True love, feeling close (for now anyway)! Ha ha

It is as versatile and cool as we fancy or lifestyles to be – complementing the way we like to run our busy, active lives as a family of four.

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