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The Best Teething Remedies to Help You and Little One SLEEP

Posted November 18, 2014 by Bethanie Lunn

National Teething Week began yesterday, running from 17-23 November and, according to recent research recently releases, new parents lose 970 hours of sleep during their baby’s first year because of teething.  Urk.
That’s equivalent to 40 full days and 40 full nights of no shuteye. 
Read on for some more gob-smacking facts but importantly, my tried and tested remedies to help change it all around so you can ALL get some much-needed rest…

1.  Teething Gel, Powder or Granules

Boiron Camilia® Oral Solution is a homeopathic medicinal product so it’s gentle to the baby but relieves sore gums – and ultimately – irritability.  They do have a powder form too but I love the liquid version  as my son seems to love the taste and this is the one Mum’s recommend the most.  The remedy comes in single doses so pop a few in your bag for when you’re out and about too.

2.  Amber Teething Jewellery

I used to think Amber Teething Anklets Bracelets or Necklaces were for the child to chew on, ha ha!  They’re NOT!  They’re actually said to have healing properties and contain an analgesic substance called succinic acid which is released by the beads in response to the warmth of the child’s body and absorbed through the skin.  Although I’ve not personally tried these – so many friends have recommended them saying it works a treat.  Just be careful on how they fit, I’d be dubious about them getting caught on something.

3.  Medicine

Good ‘ole infant medicine will temporarily soothe them.  My favourites, that work every time, are Infant Calpol and Nurofen.  Calpol is paracetamol and Nurofen contains Ibuprofen.  Used together they lessen inflamed gums and soothe the aches and pains that come with it. When it’s bad, I dose up my son every four hours but always read the label for dosage according to age and brand.

4.  Chewables

Teething toys are OK, better when stored in the fridge but I find Bickiepegs work best.  They’re all-natural biscuits that don’t break or crumble when bit into, allowing the child to really get their teeth into it.  The clever texture means they’re soft enough to do no harm though.  I know, I’ve tried them and they’re really rather satisfying, like a stress ball for the mouth.  Ha.  It’s a good idea to put large slices of apple in the freezer too and (supervised), give little ones these to chew on.  The cold against their gums really helps.

5.  If all else fails…

Turn to coffee!  Coffee is my best friend at times and there is no harm at all in needing a helping hand.  Sleep when they (eventually), sleep – the chores can wait and be kind to yourself.  You simple can’t do it all, especially on little sleep, and you should NOT be expected to. Relax when you can and get family and friends to help.
What tips can you share with me?

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