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The Art of Letter Writing

Posted October 15, 2014 by Bethanie Lunn

Do you write anymore?  I don’t mean tapping on your smartphone or blogging on your laptop, I mean pen to paper?  Ya know that ‘ole thing.
I think it’s a real shame that many of us don’t write in this way anymore and writing letters or sending invitations in the post is considered old school.  This is exactly the reason that I still do write letters and send invites plus for me, there is a sense of romance and refined etiquette to it, but writing letters in an art…

A Few Rules to Remember

  1. Write the date and your address in the top right hand corner, and your address below that on the left.  This sets out the formalities, helps you to deliver it easily and helps the recipient to respond easily
  2. The letter should address everyone you are writing to equally.  To is very formal and most suited to business, Dear is warming and Dearest is heart-warming so choose appropriately
  3. Sign off with Yours Faithfully if you do not know the recipient well or have addressed them with their surname i.e. Mrs. Lunn and use Yours Sincerely if you have addressed them with their first name and know them rather well.  Love ‘n’ hugs also works well 🙂
  4. What you put in the letter is up to you but make it interesting, ask questions and yes – you will have to WAIT for the answers rather than get an immediate text response but this is part of the beauty of it

I write to my Step Dad regularly and have a collection of his letters from years ago.  He writes so eloquently that many of his verses read like poetry, it’s simply beautiful.  I know I’ll always treasure these and with being letters, they’re tangible reminders of him and times past.

I recently invited my neigbours to a beach picnic too and hand delivered each of my hand written invitations.  Today, so many of us don’t even know who are neighbors are but they can be so valuable to you and your home life, so it’s worth getting to know who you share your walls or pavement with!

Are you going to try it?  Do you do so already?

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