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Summer Hair And Makeup Tips

Posted July 5, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn


Natural Hair, Don’t Care

Summer (when it finally gets here!), is a great time to experiment with your hair and makeup and make things low maintenance and natural – great news if you’re on the go but like a polished look for work, let’s say.  These hair and makeup tips can help create the perfect summer look for work or play.

Keep your makeup natural

Summer is a great time to consider a more natural look.  Try using a cream bronzer for a skin glow instead of a heavy rose blush on the fullest part of your cheeks, and minimal eye makeup with a soft highlighter over your lids plus a simple flick of mascara.


Try a new hair style

In the warmer months, it is a great time to experiment with your hair style. Perhaps you are the person who wears their hair in the same way each day. Then take the opportunity to do something different. Why not try a bouncy, beach curl for a lovely using something like a 1 inch curling iron or braids – they are both fabulous for disguising unwashed hair if you’re out of time and in fact, work better on it!

Consider a BB Cream instead of foundation

During a hot day, the last thing you will want is a thick foundation on your face. But if you want that even skin tone look then the best advice would be to consider a BB cream instead. This is something much lighter to apply and still gives a great even complexion, plus it’s great to smooth on in a hurry for quick coverage.

Condition your hair to keep it looking healthy

Keeping your hair conditioned during the summer months is essential for your hair to look and feel healthy and shiny. It can also provide your hair with essential nutrients and oils to keep it hydrated during the warmer months. The chances are you hair will be in need of some TLC after the winter months.   I love smoothing over olive oil at the ends, braiding it for bed and washing it out the next day.

Coloured lip balm will brighten your look

While you’re considering a more natural makeup look with BB Cream and less makeup overall, don’t forget the power of a coloured lip – it enlivens your whole look.  Consider a flirty pink color or a coral to lighten up your makeup look and make it appear more finished. Tinted and coloured lip balms are so easy to apply and wear in a hurry and not only keep your smackers nourished, but offer a more natural wash of colour.

Let your hair dry naturally

The last thing to consider would be to allow your hair to dry naturally. It means that you can give your hair a break from heat products and allow it to do it’s own thing. A natural hair drying process can let your hair become wavier. It can also create a beach style look which can look great with any summer outfit. Just apply a little shine spray and you’re good to go.  If you have unruly locks – do one of two things – go with it and be confident or pull up into the legendary signature mum style – a top knot.  I LOVE this look and think it always looks great.

Yay for the summer and the minimal beauty it brings!  Now all we need is the sun.


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