Are you asking questions like:

  • Where are my clothes made and what are they made of?
  • Is there a more affordable and ethical way to get new clothes?
  • I love the buzz of retail therapy but does it literally have to cost the Earth?

Then you’ve had the same mindset shift as me.

Since the chaos of Covid-19 began, it’s business as (un)usual for every industry yet for fashion, there’s a growing army of conscious consumers.

Meet your ethically-aware, sustainable stylist.

I’ve been a Stylist for over 15 years, working across personal shopping, editorial and commercial shoot styling.

Today, all my services place sustainability at the heart:

  • Promoting clothes swapping
  • Sourcing second hand buys
  • Showing you how to re:love your existing wardrobe and
  • Buying from sustainable fashion labels, where possible.

All experiences give you access to my curated preloved collections that allow you to swap your unwanted clothing for new items that I’ve pulled together from donations.

We will shop around vintage stores, preloved collections, charity shops and for sustainable clothing too.

I still find fast fashion seductive and I will buy new when I need to, but if there is another way, one that doesn’t cost the Earth, literally, I will show you how.

Personal Shopping

Find the right service for you…

Express Class

One hour express class brimming with fashion advice tailored to your needs.

Just for you: £60 (1 hour)
As a group: £20 per person with a minimum of six people.

Short on time or want a quicker styling session? This hour-long class focuses on your main goals and advises what you need to update, swap, buy and re:home to make your clothing work for you.

Especially for mums:

Being a mum can leave you time short, tired and in great need of some time to yourself, no kiddin’ right?  Add to that a change in body shape, image concerns and a general feeling of being in a rut, this experience inspires you to try new looks that suit you as an individual, showing you outfits that work for your lifestyle and establishing who you are NOW.

Whether it’s the school run, every day looks, a pick-me-up or just some fresh ideas to pull you out of your comfort zone, I can help.

You can enjoy the experience as a group or by yourself.

Wardrobe Overhaul

Three hours, £150 (one hour wardrobe analysis, two hours shopping and swapping including the below):

If you feel stuck in a rut, you have items of clothing you never wear or worse, you dread wearing them, then it’s time to give you and your wardrobe an overhaul.  This is also great if you want a wardrobe full of stuff that works for you alongside a host of fresh, new ideas and boundary-pushing outfits that you may not choose for yourself.  This one shakes things up.

This experience will:

  • Discuss in-depth your closet and discuss what you wear or don’t wear and why
  • Assess items needed for your closet according to your true lifestyle and fit
  • Create new, stylish looks for you by utilising pieces you already have with new purchases made together
  • Show you how to assemble complete outfits, including shoes and accessories so you take this skill away with you going forward
  • Discuss wardrobe goals and teach you how to obtain them
  • Prepare a customised list of items needed for the shopping and swapping day
  • End in a shopping and swapping trip together, that we can do the same day or arrange for when suits you
  • Results in a ‘prescription’ of your style defined, ideas, buys, inspiration and how to put outfits together based on your items so you’re never stuck for what to wear

Find your style

Available for 1 hour: £60. 2 hours: £95. Full day at 6 hours: £250.   If you need impartial advice, are looking for an outfit for a special occasion, a capsule wardrobe for holiday, perhaps a job interview then this is for you.  Having an expert on hand to guide you through what makes you look and feel your best works wonders, and can really open your eyes to new things.  A massive confidence booster this one!

This experience can last 1, 2 or 6 hours and includes:

  • A personalised consultation by telephone and / or email to discuss your lifestyle, body type, budget and shopping goals
  • A day of shopping designed exclusively for you as per the time chosen
  • Discounts at select boutiques
  • Education on how each item works for your individual shape, colour palette, lifestyle and style
  • Put together versatile outfits with your new and existing wardrobe
  • Results in a ‘prescription’ of your style defined, ideas, buys, inspiration and how to put outfits together based on your items so you’re never stuck for what to wear

All styling services will be adapted to suit the current Government guidelines during the Covid-19 period.


“I tried Bethanie Lunn’s personal shopping experience, she tailor-made a three hour experience just for me so I could buy a new Autumn / Winter capsule wardrobe and learn a few tricks to get dressed well in a hurry, as well as try new things.

Beth is so much fun to shop with, like a sister rather than a personal shopper as I connected with her so easily. She is such a happy, understanding and knowledgeable lady and I loved the stuff she selected for me.”

“I got to try things I don’t normally go for and I’m so grateful that she pushed my boundaries, it showed me that I can pull off certain looks and look classy.

I like that everything we bought and that it goes together; like a mini capsule wardrobe. Beth also gave me lots of fashion tips and introduced me to different ways to accessorise.

I thank her for her honest opinion and a great selection of clothes.  I thought I was quite good at shopping for myself, but Beth showed me that there’s so much more to learn.  I’m looking forward to seeing her again in the future.” 

Irina Kemp

“I loved my personal shopping experience with Bethanie! I’ve not long ago had a baby and really wanted to figure out what would suit my new figure and also find stylish clothing that I could easily breastfeed in.

The Pinterest board that Bethanie prepared for me before we met, looked fantastic and I couldn’t wait to see what clothes she’d find for me!

I loved almost everything Bethanie picked for me, it was so hard to choose what to buy – I wish I could have afforded to buy it all!

“We went to a number of different stores where Bethanie picked out a few more items and explained which styles would suit me and what to look out for.

I am now equipped with the knowledge of what would look great on me and what wouldn’t, plus a good few new staple outfits.

My husband, who bought me this wonderful gift for my birthday, loved everything I bought and I’ve gotten so many compliments from friends now! I even got hooted by two (younger!) guys in a car whilst walking down the street with my baby!

Thank you Bethanie, I now feel like a million dollars!!!” 

Marjolin Harvey

“I enjoyed every minute of my time with Beth! Before meeting Beth I had struggled everyday to find something I was happy to wear. I was excited but nervous about meeting Beth but she put me at ease the moment we met. I learned so much from her, she showed me to try things I never would of before but that I found I loved. I hope to book another appointment with her soon.” 

Kate Carter

Surcharges and expenses may apply.  Weekend and evening rates usually incur an 18% increase.