Star Buys: Infantino Play Gym & Ball Pit, Activity Toy and Bluetooth Night Light

Posted October 14, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn

Infantino Grow with me Activity Gym & Ball Pit, £59.99


  • At 1+ month you can use it as a playmat with overhead activity
  • At 6+ months, you can use it as a playmat with pop up mesh side barriers to keep them safe
  • At 12m+ it can be used as a ballpit and activity park

My thoughts:

Shaped like a turtle, the Grow with me Activity Gym & Ball Pit is pretty awesome because it does what it says on the tin so to speak, and provides education and fun for your little one as they grow and move through their milestones.

Graduating from a flat lay play mat with overhead activity for babies to play with, to a safe play mat with pop up mesh sides that keep the more mobile developers safe.



Then finally, a ball pit for the (not so) little ones to mess about in.  My daughter loved the play mat when she was tiny – it really helped develop her hand- eye coordination thanks to the four sea creatures the kit comes with.  These hang overhead in the first form and then you can remove the overhead straps and easily hook them around the edges of the pit as they grow. I often detach one and put it in her changing bag for on-the-go stimulation. You do what you gotta do, right?




Although it seemed like such a rapid progression when she was suddenly sitting up and trying to crawl, I loved seeing Sassie moving about and pulling herself up.  Clever little lady.  This is when the side barriers came in handy to stop her tumbling over.

Although the guidelines recommend 12 months for the ball pit, my eight month old* and three year old love to both play in this.  I love that it is something they can share (yes, actual SHARING goes on)!


You can store the plastic balls in the turtle’s head which closes shut with Velcro and there are little peep holes around the side panels so you and  / or older siblings can play peek-a-boo or post a ball through as a fun game.

Overall the versatility is excellent and although it might sound a tad pricey – think of how long it will last you and how much use you’ll all get out of it.  You won’t have to update it with a new model, you just change it up to suit your little ones stage.

Infantino Spiral Car Seat Activity Toy, £14.99


  • Perfect for baby’s gross motor skill development and visual tracking
  • Wraps easily on car seat handles and most strollers too
  • Includes Flower Mirror, Natural Wood Teether, Textured Giraffe and Rattle Ball

Sassie loves to bat, grab and chew on this and it is perfectly safe for her to do all of these things with this model.  I think pram straps and car seat straps are such a good idea – there is no constant picking up of dropped toys (oh, that game again), and anything that keeps our littles occupied (and quiet in small public places / on long journeys), is a winner, right?

Tell Me a Story Bed Time Lamp, £39.99


  • Free Bedtime Story app (with more than 20 stories and 50 melodies in 5 languages)
  • Ability to record your own voice for lullabies, stories or soothing sounds
  • An auto off timer
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Light and volume control
  • Handle turns it into a lantern for toddlers to take along to bed


This 2 in 1 soothing nightlight is a genius bit of kit. As well as being a colour changeable nightlight, it uses a high quality Bluetooth speaker that you link up with your smart device for free, to play lullabies, read stories, play soothing sounds and even record your own via your phone.  You don’t even have to be in the same room!


Both my kids love my renditions of twinkle, twinkle little star mixed with sssh-ing – a combination which never fails to settle them.  Y’know I’ve been singing twinkle star EVERY NIGHT since my, now three year old, was born.  Every night.  I’m surprised I’ve not gone mad.  Oh, wait…

Needless to say, this mash up went straight onto the record function and it is incredibly easy to do:

1. Turn on your Bluetooth and and the light and sync

Turn on your Bluetooth and and the light and sync

Download the free app 'B Kids Bedtime Story' and you'll have access to stories, lullaby's, sounds and a recording option

Download the free app ‘B Kids Bedtime Story’ and you’ll have access to stories, lullaby’s, sounds and a recording option

You can even choose a background sound or lullaby for your own recording

You can even choose a background sound or lullaby for your own recording.  Record your own mash up…

You then name it for your reference and save it. Play back whenever you need to.

You then name it for your reference and save it. Play back whenever you need to.

The Reaction:

This is not only very simple to use; I personally didn’t even read the instructions as I figured it out so easily, it is a bit of life saver if you have more than one child in particular.  How?

…I use the night light with my pre-recorded voice telling a story to settle my baby in her crib while I’m in my sons room getting him ready for bed.  Sassie is usually soothed by the time I’ve done the whole bath-dressed-story-sing with Frankie.

I then give Frankie the night light with my pre-recorded twinkle star/ ssh mash up to comfort him as he falls asleep, while I feed Sassie and put her to bed for the night.  Hey presto!

The ability to ‘be in the room’ with both kids at the same time is fantastic – the night light has kinda cloned me which is not only fabulous for helping you juggle but it saves your sanity too.  There are only so many times I can sing it before I lose the plot.

Thank goodness for this!


The Energy to Play

Just a final word on playing and the ‘fun games’ I refer to.

I know playing with the kids takes a lot of energy and when you’ve had no sleep, we have to be honest and admit that playing is sometimes the last thing we feel like doing. BUT let’s not forget what we remember from being a kid ourselves- it’s the time our parents spent with us, since time is all they really want.  When coupled with quality, well thought out toys like this, playtime is fantastic for all of you.  Try it.  When you immerse yourself in play and see that your kids are happy, that they are learning and growing – you’ll reap the rewards, as will they.  I promise.

Now go PLAY!


*Infantino do recommend 12+ months for the use of the 40 balls that make the gym a ball pit.  This is my choice and I carefully supervise this playtime.

PR samples were provided to me free of charge but I was under no obligation to write about them.  I chose to do so as I feel my readers would find the products useful.  All opinions are my own.

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