Slim.Fast: My Week 1 Experience…

Posted January 2, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn


Ooh, suits me , Sir


Did you have a good one?  We took our son out for the day and met up with friends then once the little man was in bed, my husband and I enjoyed a tipple or two over a (healthy) meal.  Healthy because, as you may remember – I have started the Slim.Fast Challenge and this is my experience so far…




Days 1-3

For me, the first few days of a new diet are always the hardest.  Day one left me salivating over my husband’s Eggs Benedict breakfast and pasta bake lunch while I tucked into a shake for breakfast and a replacement meal bar for lunch.
I have to admit though, I wasn’t salivating because I was hungry, more for the fact that he was eating some of my favourite dishes, since all of the products are surprisingly filling and there is enough choice to keep you excited plus the snacks feel like treats but without any guilt.  Win-win.

Just some of the Slim.Fast range
I thought it would be weirder than it actually is but with shakes such as ‘mocha’ and ‘latte’, breakfast felt like breakfast.
If I felt particularly hungry like on day 3, I’d often combine a shake with one of the daily snacks or the piece of fruit or veg you’re entitled to.

Days 4-7

I’m really into it now.  I like how your calorie and portion allowance is controlled for you so you don’t need to worry about counting anything and can just eat-and-go or indeed on-the-go.  I feel lighter, tighter and hilariously – my belly wobbles less when I run.  Ha ha – just something I noticed.  Yep, that’s my indicator that something good is definitely happening so bring on week 2.

Stay tuned for the Week 2 report and my weight loss results next week.
Bethanie xx
Slim.Fast is dieting made easy and is scientifically proven to help dieters lose weight and then
maintain their target weight.*
Slim.Fast 3-2-1 Plan is designed to deliver a total intake of approximately 1,400 calories a day for
women (1,600 calories for men). This should result in 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss a week.
*Substituting two daily meals with meal replacements helps to lose weight in the context of
energy restricted diets.

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