Review: Tidlo Activity Walker & The Wooden Toy Shack

Posted December 13, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn


I love wooden toys because they feel nostalgic, they’re educational in a get your hands stuck in and PLAY kinda way and yeah alright, they look good around the house too.  What?  I’m design conscious and I have OCD.  Aesthetics help both causes. Ha ha.

The Wooden Toy Shack is one of the best sites around for wooden toys, in my opinion.  I originally discovered them a year and a half ago when my first born invited some wooden animal figures for dinner (take a look >here<).  Now my second child is hooked.  The Wooden Toy Shack stock some of the best brands including Hape, Tidlo, Orange Tree and Pintoy, plus they promote the Let Toys Be Toys policy in that they don’t categorise toys by gender, just helpful categories such as type and age appropriate.

img_7747 img_7748

The Wooden Toy Shack kindly sent me this stunning Tidlo Activity Walker, £44.95.  It has undoubtedly been instrumental to my daughters development in hand-eye coordination and walking.  She began playing with it sat up, then progressed to using it to pull herself up and now, at nine months, she is walking around with it!  It really has been magical to watch the progression.

img_5989-2 img_5991-2 img_5996

The detail is just exquisite, from the activities themselves to the wheels and thoughtful design details, such as the stacking shelf at the back so your little one can transport their toys around.  Why is that so much fun to them??  The activities cover turning, counting, spinning, pulling, pushing, peek-a-boo, so it provides hours of fun and education.

img_5997 img_5998

The walker did come in pieces but with instructions you can actually read and with allen keys that actually work, so do keep that in mind if you’re buying it for Christmas.  You may want to make it up ready.  I did it myself which means it is very easy to assemble.

It is worth mentioning that The Wooden Toy Shack offer next day delivery when you order up to 3pm, so if you still have some Christmas shopping to do, be quick, you will find everything from stocking fillers to extravagant ‘I’m-so-excited-I’m-going-to-pee-my-pants’ sized presents.

Happy shopping. x


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