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Review: The New Wuti Wrap™ by We Made Me Ltd

Posted May 1, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn


With my firstborn, I didn’t really ‘do’ slings, wraps or carriers. No reason other than I just never thought to nor did I know much about them. With my second child, Sassie, I love ‘wearing’ her – as they say – especially when I’m going out somewhere like to a café or around town. Having my baby in a sling is so much easier than trying to manoeuvre a pushchair through the busy streets of Brighton, in and out of shops and in between cosily close café tables. I also love going on walks with my daughter close to me – as does she…plus it makes walking the dog and keeping up with the toddler much easier!

My favourite sling at the moment is the new Wuti Wrap™ by We Made Me Ltd (Formerly BabaSlings Ltd).* You get one long stretchy wrap of breathable fabric that comes with an illustrated guide showing you how to tie it.


Womb to World

As you’ll know, coming out of the womb into this big bad world is quite the feat for a little one! The transition leaves them craving comfort, closeness and security so anything you can do to recreate the womb experience will leave baby (and parents!), therefore more contended. I found the Wuti Wrap™ did exactly this by cocooning my baby in warmth, keeping her close to me and enabling her to gently move with me while being safely supported.

I attended a postnatal yoga class and went into town with her in the wrap, and she slept the whole time. I even had time to treat myself to a coffee in a café afterward in total silence, from start to finish. That’s A HOT DRINK CONSUMED WHILE IT WAS STILL HOT. I know, amazing right? I know this was thanks to the enveloped feeling it created for my bubs.


Easy to Wear

As for me, I found it easy to wear once I got the hang of how to tie it. It took two attempts using the character lead guide before I knew how to do it without help and, due to the way the fabric wraps around your body, crosses over your back and ties in a knot to secure, my back felt fully supported with no pressure or aches.


Hands Free Perks

The real test was when Sassie had her eight-week immunisations and, as can be the case, her temperature shot up and she was incredibly unsettled – screaming every time she was put down. I put her in the Wuti Wrap™ and this was the only way she’d feel comforted. The attachment the wrap allowed me to create worked wonders to calm and comfort her and I could still tend to my toddler and get stuff done around the house.

The 8 week immunisation challenge

The 8 week immunisation challenge

Now I’ve got into wearing Sassie and love the whole hands-free approach, I’ve started to wear her around the house on her super needy days and when I need to do chores or just go to the freakin loo without her fretting!

If you’ve got more than one child, you’ll find it very helpful to be hands free so you can play with ‘Mr. Lego Monster’, re-enact Monsters Inc., walk the dog, clean the house, make lunch and swiftly switch from Paw Patrol to Fireman Sam before your toddler has a tantrum – all while holding baby. Cor, we parents deserve a medal. Or at least a pint glass of wine 🙂

Wuti Wrap™ is designed to carry babies from newborn to nine months plus (tested and safe for babies weighing 3.6-15.9kg / 8-35lbs).

You can get the Wuti Wrap™ in black (my choice), pebble and lavender. It is machine washable at 40 degrees and is RRP £49.99 from

*The wrap was sent to me by the brands PR Company but I am no way under pressure to write about it. I chose to review thus product as I find it relevant for my readers and all words and opinions are my own.


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