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Review: SnüzPod Bedside Crib 3in1 & Nursery Video Tour

Posted April 29, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn

Aww my baby bump!

Aww my baby bump!

I love the SnüzPod Bedside Crib 3in1 because I love a good multi-tasker that makes your life easier, especially when it comes to parenting and keeping the littles happy too.

The SnüzPod is one of those products.

Here’s Why:


First of all, look at it – it’s gorgeous and ideal for your design-conscious life but more importantly, you can use it as a bedside crib for side sleeping, as a moses basket and as a stand alone crib to help aid the transition from basket to cot.  It also comes in four colours to match your interior design.



The breathable mesh side panel allows you to see your baby while you’re lying in bed (it is height adjustable to match your bed mattress), and it can be zipped down for easy access to your baby for those night feeds and cuddles.

Side Sleeping Benefits

Personally, I have removed the Bassinet pole– (something they make incredibly easy to do by simply pulling it out of the fabric) – and keep the panel down while I’m in bed next to my baby. Since the pod is the same height as my bed, it allows us to safely and conveniently side-sleep. When I’m away from the crib, I simply zip it back up.

This has not only made feeding and changing at night much easier, but it has definitely helped build the bond between my baby and I too. Contact is easy so a gentle stroke of the head or hand on the tummy makes us both happy. You can read the benefits of side sleeping here.


The pod also lifts off the frame so you can take it around the house for daytime naps and the frame itself can be gently rocked to soothe your baby. I told you it was good.  I did find the pod itself quite heavy though, especially in the first two weeks when I was at my weakest so this is my only slight negative.  I recommend moving the pod around without baby in it if it is say, down the stairs as it is a rigid frame, so I lie baby down somewhere safe, move the pod to the required room then place her in it, but this is just my preference.


Great Materials and Finishes

The SnüzPod Natural Coir Mattress is chemical free while the SnüzPod Mattress Protector ensures the mattress is clean and dry. To prettify it, the bedding I have is the Cloud Nine design, part of the new Designz Collection from Snüz. In each pack, you get two fitted sheets and a reversible blanket.


The SnüzPod Pocket offers handy storage to keep essential items in reach; nappies, muslin cloths and wet wipes in my case, which is especially welcome during night feeds and changes at 2am.

There is also a storage tray underneath for extra essentials or soft toys. I’ve alternated the uses, from extra baby romper suits and wipes to blankets and toys.


If you fancy yourself a SnüzPod and / or accessories, this code will get you 10% off (valid till January 2017). Buy it at (currently £169).  You’re welcome.

If you want to see it action, you can watch the official SnüzPod features video here and see it in action in my little girl’s nursery as part of her Nursery Tour below:


My SnüzPod was given to me by fellow blogger, Chelle McCann (who is awesome by the way), check out her blog here, as part of the Little Green Sheep Friend of the Flock campaign.  This is where you pass it on to another parent to be used (they send you a new mattress and cover).  I love this initiative, thanks Chelle! She has already found the next lucky parent but I’m not parting with it just yet!..its mine, all mine I tell you 😉




Friend of the flock 2-2



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