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Review: Silver Cross Wayfarer Travel System

Posted September 16, 2013 by Bethanie Lunn

A contented Frankie in his Premiere League Silver Cross (car seat fixing)

Before becoming a Mum I was unaware of the significance of having the latest pram, the coolest pushchair and the chicest car seat.  My style priorities began with my shoes and ended with my hat collection. But when my pregnant self met up with friends who were already parents, they would ask me, ‘what pram are you getting’? With the same zeal they used to ask me about my hot date outfit choice.

I suddenly realised that the pram I chose didn’t only have to be practical and functional but also incredibly stylish and there are leagues of brands too.  A mere mention of a Sunday League brand would raise eyebrows and attract criticism.  Everyone had an opinion.  There was no mistake; the pram I chose had to be the fashion equivalent of Manolos.
Armed with knowledge, I opted for the Premier League of prams with the brand new Silver CrossWayfarer, £395. Well, if Silver Cross is good enough for the Royal Family, it’s good enough for me.
A compact and modern system that comes in a range of colours inspired by fashion shows from across Europe, the Wayfarer is perfect!
The Design
The Wayfarer is a lightweight pram and pushchair and the base pack will cater for your child from birth to walking toddler, comprising a separate carrycot and seat unit.  Switch to the seat unit and it’s a forward or rear facing multi-position pushchair for use until your baby is walking independently, with a brilliant one-piece fold. Add the Simplicity Car Seat and it’s a complete travel system.  I used the protective carrycot in the early days which, when clipped onto the chassis becomes a pram.
The carrycot is fully lined in natural bamboo fabric which is both anti-bacterial and naturally cool plus the carry handles make it easy to transport.  This was a total blessing when we visited relatives, acting as a travel cot in the sense that my little boy, Frankie could sleep soundly and safely when we were on the go*.
One pushchair position

The pram / carrycot
Another pushchair position
The colours
To up the style credentials further, you can buy Hood andApron Packs, £100 for both the carrycot and pushchair allowing you to mix and match colours and personalise your Wayfarer.  Matching my pram to my lippy?  Don’t mind if I do.  What?  I need to get my dose of glamour somewhere amid the nappies and reflux, and this is it!  Available in a vibrant mix of seven colours, you can combine the base seat and carrycot fabric in black with a wide array of original Wayfarer accessories.  Take that pram snobs!
The collection includes classic shades like black and sand- a soft grey, to livelier hues like lime, raspberry, sky blue and damson.  My chosen shade is chilli – a bright red (pictured above).  Not only is it my favourite colour but it suits our little boy and, should we have another child and if it’s a girl, it’ll suit her too.  I’ve no doubt the Wayfarer will last the test of time.

Sky Blue

The Drive and The Fold
The first pram I had (before the Wayfarer arrived), was jolty to manoeuvre, heavy to push and at one time as I tried to fold it away, I almost jumped up and down on the damn thing in sheer frustration.
With the Wayfarer, the lightweight compact construction features four way suspension and, at only 6.5kg, the high grade aluminium chassis is easy to lift.  With just one lift of the side panel locks, the system collapses down and folds away neatly in one swift movement – really.  If you’re a new parent or parent-to-be, you have no idea how miraculous this achievement actually is.
It’s so easy to manoeuvre thanks to the locking front swivel wheels and one touch braking, inline wheels.  In simple terms, this means your pram won’t run away with itself when you let go of it for a split second and the wheels won’t lock shopping-trolly-style.  I found it particularly brilliant turning corners and walking through shops or crowded cafes. 
When you’ve clothing rails, busy tables and / or ignorant people to weave in and out of – you’ll be incredibly thankful for a nifty system that glides through tight spaces easily.
The Car Seat
Before The Talk with more experienced Mums, I made the mistake of buying a car seat and pushchair that weren’t compatible.  HUGE  MISTAKE.  This meant every time I needed to travel with Frankie, I had to put him in his car seat (for a similar experience, try strapping in a fish out of water), then transfer him to his pram and back again.  Each time I would therefore disturb him and undo the magic of motion (babies find it almost impossible to stay awake in a moving car). 
The Wayfarer chassis combined with the new Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat, £130 creates a brilliantly lightweight travel system, perfect for moving around town.  It simply clicks out of the back of the car and onto the pram frame directly so you don’t have to disturb your baby. 
The car seat clipped onto the frame / chassis (no hood)

With apron and hood
Fitting a car seat can be a challenge in its own right but the Simplicity Car Seat can be fixed using either lap and diagonal seat belt or the Silver Cross Brand New Simplifix Isofix Car Seat Base, £125.  This base gives you a simple latch system that clicks into place and houses four independent sensors that only show green when all four are correctly activated, making it easy to see you’ve fitted it securely every time.
The car seat and Isofix base

The Isofix base alone, which clips into the back of your car
Frankie used to cry in his other, Sunday League car seat but he loves this one thanks to the head support, deep internal padding plus harness padding for top grade baby comfort.  And no more unsightly crumbs and milk splatters (at least not for too long), with the removable fabrics for easy cleaning.
If I were to find a fault, I’d say the steering could be improved when on slanted grounds, for instance when there is a dip in the road, as the wheels can lean slightly so a tighter grip is required to keep control of the unit. But I am looking for a fault here since overall; it’s a highly impressive piece of kit.
Having experienced a pushchair that made walks and travelling so stressful and my boy uncomfortable to now experiencing the Wayfarer that makes it so easy and enjoyable for us both, I highly recommend it and can’t stress enough how key it is to invest in the right system – not just for your sanity but for your child’s comfort and safety.
The fact that I can change it all to match my outfit?  Well, that’s just a bonus.
For more information and to order a brochure, visit or call 08458 726900.

More info:
The Wayfarer Base Unit:
L94cm W53.5cm H100-107cm
Folded Dimensions:
L84cm W53.5cm H33.5cm
Chassis: 6.5kg
Body: 3.5kg
Carrycot: 4.5kg
Colourways: Raspberry, lime, chilli, sky blue, damson, sand, black.
The Car Seat:
Colourways: Black, chilli, lime and sand
Suitable from birth to 13kg (approx 9-12 months old)
For use with: Surf, Surf All Terrain, Wayfarer

*The carry cot can of course accommodate a sleeping baby when on the go but it is not recommended a baby sleeps in it over night.

Disclaimer: A Silver Cross Wayfarer was sent to me and I chose to review it independently.
Images provided by Neat PR.  

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