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Posted July 8, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn


The flowers match our carrier, accident?

You may recall my review of the Wuti Wrap and stating how it was the first time I actually used, and became totally hooked by, using a carrier.  With my first son, I didn’t really bother.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps it was because I didn’t know much about slings.

If you’re similar or looking for a good one, then check out we made me.  They produce wraps, slings and carriers that provide progressive carrying solutions, allowing you to wear your child from birth to three years.

My latest chosen favourite now that my baby is 4.5 months old, is the Pao Papoose™, designed to carry ages 4–36m | 5.5–15kg | 12–33lbs.

The Lowdown

Pao Papoose™ is easily adjustable, offering front and back-carrying positions and either world facing (away from you), or parent facing (facing your chest).   Plus, despite it being a structured carrier,  it is soft and comfortable for you and your baby.

Getting Started

Once I had looked at the illustrated booklet on how to wear it, and arranged the straps, I found it easy to wear.

As I’m new to this, I initially felt a little confused as to what strap goes where but found my groove and never looked back.  I think you just need to have a little practice at home and even arrange it in the mirror.  Ten minutes later, and you’ll have it figured out from that moment towards since once you know, you don’t look back.


Therefore, spend a little time checking out the instructions but just in case you feel confused, we made me have three options to help you learn how to use each carrier, giving you the choice to watch or read how it’s done. Take a look here.  If you’re out and you do happen to forget, there is a handy little reminder in the form of a silk fold-away guide tucked away inside an internal pocket.

Wearing It

I found it very comfortable, as did my daughter who fell asleep in it (watch the quick video below).  The carrier held her close but gave her enough room for independence in terms of looking around and seeing the world.

Watch the video

The closeness always settles her and, unlike other carriers of similar structure, this didn’t put any strain on my back thanks to how the straps are arranged to offer you and baby full support.

Styling It Up

As you’ll know, I’m a sucker for design lead items and this hits the spot for stylish carriers.  I chose the lavender Pao Papoose™ for a pop of summer colour and I love the contrasting blue clips.  I had comments from friends on how ‘colourful’ I looked and felt it was an asset that it actually became a part of my outfit rather than swamping it.  Times have changed, my friends and I now now lust after carriers like we once did shoes and the Pao Papoose certainly became the coveted one.


I think the Pao Papoose offers great value for money since you’ll have it up to three years.  The fabric, fastenings and joins are high quality and I know it will last.  Most of all, we’re both happy and I am comfortably able to dash about after my toddler while carrying bubs.

Why the heck I didn’t join in the hands-free joy first time around, I’ll never know.

 Pao Papoose™ rrp £89.99 available in lavender, midnight black and pebble from

*The carrier was sent to me by the brands PR Company but I am no way under pressure to write about it. I chose to review this product as I find it relevant for my readers and all words and opinions are my own.

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