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Review: Little Dish Go Gos for Kids

Posted February 16, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn

New Little Dish Go Gos are mini wholegrain oat biscuits with that natural, nutritious and healthy twist you’d expect from Little Dish.  My son and I were kindly sent some bags to try and here’s our verdict…



What are they?

Go Gos are mini wholegrain oat biscuits made with fibre-rich flax and chia seeds and protein.  They come in individual snack bags and three favours: raspberry, vanilla and ginger.


Each little bag of Go Gos provides a source of fibre and 3g of protein, which is important for the growth of healthy muscles and bones.   The wholesome ingredients have been used in place of traditional biscuit ingredients to help provide a steady release of energy to your little one, rather than a boost followed by a crash.


Our Verdict

I tend to indulge in test all the foods that I give my son to eat and thought they’d make healthy on-the-go snacks for both of us.  Personally, I wanted more flavour from the raspberry and vanilla packs.  Because they are referred to as ‘biscuits’ I expected more obvious, sweet flavour which is completely my wrong-doing.  The fact that they’re not packed full of sugar and manufactured flavours and sweeteners is what makes them so great.  I’d recommend you see them as oat crackers but ALWAYS refer to them as biscuits to your little ones.  This will get them lapping them up!

I loved the ginger Go Gos.  The flavour was delicate but fulfilling and I found them excellent in improving any nausea and energy drops during my pregnancy.

As for Frankie, he loved them all!  Hell, so did did his dinosaurs (see below).  His favourites were definitely the ginger variety too and they saved me from toddler meltdowns and in-between-meal-hunger-pangs at the supermarket/ ride home from nursery / at random times just because.


They’re the kind of snacks I am rest assured and happy to give my toddler as I know he feels like he’s having a treat but I know they’re not full of rubbish – so we’re both happy.

Where to buy?

Little Dish Go Gos are available at Tesco.  Suitable from 12m+ and currently priced at £2 for 5x25g bags.

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