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Review: Fast Beauty at Blow Ltd.

Posted June 2, 2014 by Bethanie Lunn

‘Beauty with a Fast Food attitude’, says Glamour ‘A one stop beauty shop’, says Elle of new favourite,
Blow Ltd. in Covent Garden, London.  With accolades like that, I went to see what all the fuss was about…

When the creators claim that Blow Ltd. is their ‘stab at the best Fantasy Beauty Bar and Online Beauty destination we could muster’, a girl gets excited.  Is the Beauty Bar I’ve been waiting for finally here?
From a super speedy in-quaffed-and-out blow dry in 30 minutes to a 15 minute makeover or mini manicure, they promise to deliver fast beauty for Modern Girl’s.  Check out the menu and prices here.

My Experience

I attended the much-talked-about rematch of Froch Vs Groves 2 on Saturday at Wembley Stadium.  Having dreamed of being a glamorous lady in the audience since I was a kid, I donned my Fever London dress (as voted for by you), and needed beautifully dressed hair to match.

The bar is a sleek, fresh and bright space boasting cherry picked beauty products, for sale both in-store and online, with beauty stations ready to cater to your every whim.  I was greeted by a friendly receptionist, seated and plied with my personal drinks order of an espresso and glass of prosecco within 3 minutes, then shown the menu of blow dry services available on a mini iPad.

My Fever dress is asymmetric with a collection of silk chiffon flowers adorning one shoulder so I had a swooping, Jessica-Rabbit-waves style in mind, making the Starlet Blow perfect, £25 (30 minutes).

After the Stylist, Lauren briefly discussed the style with me, ensuring my hair type was suitable – she began to work her magic.  Since this look is rather technical, I doubted if she could achieve it in less than half hour but I needn’t have.

Lauren began by twisting and pinning one side of my hair to create the swooping look then used hot tongs to curl the other section under and away from the face.  Working across the head and down with each curl, she gently pinned it, allowing them to cool.

Once cool, Lauren used a large paddle brush to comb through the curls which loosened them before using alligator clips to create the seductive 1940s wave.  Simply place the clips where you want the wave to bend, using your fingers to smooth the hair in between each clip and work your way down.

A mist of hairspray kept the look in place and I absolutely adored the finished look – all achieved in under 30 minutes!

Worth Knowing

I arrived in my dress ready to hit the town straight after but Blow Ltd. can steam your dress for you while you’re getting pampered so it’s ready to change into once you’re ready.

Feeling great, I met up with my Husband and he gave me a double look as I approached him.  If he was a cartoon, his eyes would’ve popped out his head, his tong would’ve hit the floor as he panted and wolf whistled away.  You don’t get that look all too often after being together for 11 years, so I know that Blow Ltd. did more than just a fantastic job, ‘apart from our Wedding Day, this is the best your hair has ever looked‘, he said.

With feedback like that, Blow Ltd. – you’re my new go-to glam destination.  Thank you.

Giving my hubby a fever in Fever London

The atmosphere at Wembley was electric!  Congrats to Carl Froch


Just so you can get your beauty fix 24/7, check out their onlnie store of products including Skincare, Make-up, Haircare, Nails, Bath & Body, Gifts and Travel. With next day delivery if you order before 1pm the day before – they’ve truly got fast beauty nailed.  S’cuse the pun.

What do you think to my look? x

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