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Review: Car Seat Baby Mirror for Rear-Facing Car Seats

Posted June 17, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn

With my firstborn son, we used the same rear-facing child carseat that my second born daughter now uses and we chose rear-facing since we had discovered it to be the safest option•.  With my son however, we didn’t have one of those special carseat mirrors where you get to see them, so I recall using my powder compact to awkwardly reach around from the passenger seat, discreetly angling it to see if he was asleep…or just worrying and wondering.  Not ideal.


I was therefore very happy to road test a Snuggly Babies Baby Car Mirror which allows you to see your baby while driving.  My main concerns before fitting it were:

  1. How many parts will it come in?  Why is it that baby products need assembling?  You don’t have time to assemble anything with a baby!
  2. How difficult will it be to install?  Again, no time…or patience.
  3. Is it expensive? Nappies cost a lot.
  4. Is it safe? Obviously a priority.

I was very pleased to discover the product was ready to go – it arrived in one piece and, thanks to the solid clamp design, it simply latches on to your back seat head rest bar in front of the carseat which takes about one minute to do.  Really.


I was worried about the safety, what with it being a mirror and all, but it is 100% shatterproof and the clever clamp design means the mirror will always be firmly in place.


Not only do I feel rest assured but extra bonuses I’ve discovered include that I can comfort her if she is upset because she gets to see me too, and she often looks in the mirror at herself which keeps her fully entertained.  A God-send on longer journeys!

Apart from adding pom poms and creating a rose gold version, I can’t see any room for improvement ;-).  Highly recommended: 10/10.

It is currently on sale on amazon for £16.73 which I find an incredibly again for providing you with peace of mind that your child is safe, comfortable and happy.

•According to website, it is 5 times safer for the child to be facing backwards, and many people in Scandinavian countries keep their child in rear facing seats until the 4-5 years old (25kg or 55lbs).

Disclaimer: A product was provided for testing free of charge but I was under no obligation to review and write about it.  I chose to do so as I know my readers will find the content useful.  All opinions are my own.

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