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Review: Body Fuel Cafe, Hove

Posted January 31, 2017 by Bethanie Lunn

I’m always searching for healthy food to eat while out or on the go but I really struggle in England.  Are you catching a train and in a hurry?  There is a huge amount of pastries and baguettes on offer and very little fresh, healthy choices.  Do you want a nutritionally balanced lunch in your break at work?  Perhaps you’re catching up with friends or taking the family out, and you are looking for good food that tastes amazing and makes you feel that way too.

All these scenarios are sadly challenging in Blighty.

However, with Brighton and Hove being the forward-thinking, clean eating bohemia that it is, I knew it wouldn’t be long before this changed.

We have porridge and fruit food stands at the train station, cafes are preparing fresh, clean dishes more frequently and up pops Body Fuel Cafe in Hove fixing all of these dilemmas – phew.

Serving nutritious, clean, well balanced food using locally sourced and organic ingredients – you can expect an array of salads, superfoods, smoothies, breakfast dishes and hearty lunches that give you an internal high five.  The goodness oozes from every dish, leaving your body feeling, well, fuelled.

First Impressions

The staff are knowledgable, friendly and inviting.  If you don’t know where to start and what’s what – they’re more than happy to advise and make suggestions.  The salad bar is full of freshly prepared ingredients that make your mouth water, with a good menu of options but you can also make your own – selecting your favourite items.  I did however want the interior to be as warm and cosy as the invitation.  It currently feels too basic and sharply lit.  I’d love it to be softened with a couple of cosy sofas and chairs, softer lighting and art work. They do have booths as well as the tables and chairs however.

My guest and I arrived for breakfast but ended up working from the cafe on our laptops (they have free wifi), and so we tucked into lunch later on.

For breakfast

I chose the egg white omelette with tomato, mushroom and spinach which was my favourite dish.

I was dubious as to what an omlette would look like using just the whites.  I think egg white omelette and I think stereotypical Calafornian super healthy gym bunny.  I also think odd.  However, and it is a massive however, I’m converted.  The omelette was light and packed full of well-seasoned, perfecltly balanced ingredients that cut through the simplicity of the egg roll for an overall healthy burst of flavour.

I was also keen to try a more well known  favourite with smashed avocado with fresh chilli and poached eggs.  The amount of fresh chilli used was ideal or me – I like to feel the heat but I don’t like my throat to sting.  The poached eggs were sadly overcooked but the staff noticed this and had the chef make me some fresh ones!  I love their attention to detail.

My guest chose the wholemeal blueberry and bananna pancakes, made from oats with protein powder and served with greek yogurt and berry compote.  The pancakes were very tasty but they needed the accompanyments since we found them quite dry.  If the mixture was thinner, I think it would have been better but I couldn’t deny the yummy fluffiness.

We felt uplifted and pleasantly full afterward and set for the day.

For lunch

I enjoyed the Protein Packed salad of lemon and dill marinated chicken breast, sweet potato, boiled egg, avocado, grated carrot, yellow peppers, cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes and spinach.

I’ve seen their perfectly grilled medium rare steak atop salads on Instagram too and have to say the salad bar is definitely one of the strongest points of this cafe.

All combinations are prepared fresh every day and because of the quality of each ingredient, you can taste every item in it – to its fullest.  You don’t need much seasoning or dressing, although you can of course opt for both with an array of dressings to choose from.

I found how they served it was spot on but with a filling breakfast previously, I couldn’t finish it.  Portions are generous and there is no need to worry about these salads not filling a hole.  I took the rest of my salad away, which is part of the service – you can have anything they serve to stay in or take away.

My guest had the hot dish of the day with pea and mint soup, garnished with feta crumbs.  Although it was slightly too salty for our liking, it was incredibly delicious- she ate every last drop and the smell was simply devine.  This will surely cure a cold and fill you up for the rest of the day.

To drink

We both had coffee and I loved the Not Naughty, Bout Definitely Nice smoothie.  This blends almond milk, banana, nut butter, protein powder, raw cacao, vanilla, honey.  The protein powder is optional but I was informed that it provides you slow release energy which worked for me.  I did feel energised but without the crash that caffeine gives.  I used to associate protein powder with body builders (ha ha), but now I know about this power powder, I’ll be stocking up.

The coffee was good but, as you know, I’m a massive coffee snob and wanted my usual flat white with frothed milk and latte art.  I know, I know but it’s the little things in life, y’know?

Wheras I did get a big mug of coffee which made me smile, I wanted my barista blended posh cuppa so would love it if Body Fuel upped their game here too.  Anyone for an organic coffee topped with locally farmed whole milk anyone?

Overall Summary

I felt full and satisfied all day after eating here, proving that clean, well balanced food really does fuel your body.  You don’t need to feel it with garb when you have it this good, this quick and this easy.

I’ve already been back for the egg white omelette and have introduced friends to the cafe who also love it.  This is a place you can dine in and enjoy by yourself, in business or with the family, plus you can indulge guilt-free.  I seriously skipped out of there.  Seriously.  Alright, i’m a bit mad but I felt so good so maybe you will too.

Delivering what this country needs, I can only see it going from strength to strength.

Body Fuel Cafe, 123 Church Road, Hove.




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