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Review: BKids New Sensory Toys from 6m+

Posted June 20, 2017 by Bethanie Lunn

BKids have introduced a range of sensory toys that Sassie had the pleasure of exploring recently.  We tried out* Leon the chameleon light, rrp £19.99 (9m+), the shape sorter sensory discovery robot, £14.99 (6m+) and senso snap pals, £9.99 (6m+).

I am keen to introduce anything that develops her curiosity, imagination and coordination…and her sense of humour which these toys definitely did.  Play is an important part of any child’s development but, with the chameleon light in particular, Sassie’s independence in playing was enhanced greatly too – good for her, good for me!

The senso snap pals fit together in a range of ways, like a tangible 3D puzzle.  Kids can arrange the snap pals in rows, towers, circles and they’re waterproof too – making great bath or pool toys.  Sassie loved this one the least but she did enjoy the way they snapped apart and her coordination skills were exercised well. Anything that allows Sassie to take the lead and feel like she is learning something new; by herself gets a ticked box from her.

Adorably, the shape sorter sensory discovery robot made Sassie giggle out loud thanks to the noises it makes when you pull the lever, plus its face changes expressions when you do so.  The feet are made of different textures and shapes so sound, touch and sight are all harnessed with this one.

Leon the chameleon light was by far the favourite, Sassie plays with it every day (and her older brother Frankie often fights her for it – yawn).  When you turn it on, the chameleon sings a song while lights flash different colours – which Sass always bobs up and down too.  The shapes then slide onto the pegs and when you press the back down, all the shapes pop off and good ‘ole Leon’s eyes go round while a funny noise is made – like a tongue wiggling, rasping noise – that’s the only way I can describe it!  This makes me laugh let alone the kids.

Sassie carries Leon around with her and copies the noises he makes until Frankie comes along and presses the back to make the funny noise again.  This toy has really developed key skills in Sassie over a period of two months; she is beginning to recognise and understand what shapes fit where as well as cause and effect.

All of the toys in the BKids sensory range are fantastic in their sensory appeal but I think it is clear who the front runner is.  Leon will last (all of us) years and I’ll be buying it as a gift for my friends children aged between 6 and 18 months, and you can buy yours here.


*The BKids toys featured were sent to me by their PR Agency free of charge but all opinions are my own and I have not been paid to write this post.  I simply wanted to share the discovery with you – thinking you would find it useful.

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