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Our Baby Blessing & Naming Day

Posted October 12, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn


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Back in the summer (yes, it is already over, isn’t it?), my family and I had a naming day for our two children.  We’d always wanted a special ceremony for our first born; our son Frankie but we got bogged down with moving house, job changes, health, being new parents and y’know, life.  But once all of this settled down and we had our second child; our daughter Sassie – now felt like the right time to celebrate them and life overall.

We wanted our day to be completely personal to us and our children but with my husband not being particularly religious and us both wishing for something informal yet official, modern and touching – we explored what our options might be.  This is when I discovered Infinite Love.

Run by Celebrant and Minister, Samantha Goodchild, the service caters for a number of occasions and the ‘baby blessings’ she hosts address exactly what is important to us: honouring and celebrating a significant moment on our journey through life.

Samantha began the service by arranging a time to come over to meet us all.  She sat with us and spent quality time learning about our family values, life priorities and ambitions – not just for ourselves but for our kids and each other.  We shared how we felt about each other as parents, our ambitions in raising our children and our family overall.  We discussed family mottos, memories and our children’s personalities and of course, the inspiration behind their names.

We also picked some dear friends we call the kids Guardians, who pledged promises to our kids to guide them through life.  Their Grandparents did the same and as the parents, we said a piece about our family and one another.

Sam put all the promises, thoughts and feelings she listened to, together in an overriding script for the ceremony, which shaped the occasion and became the soul of the event.  Just from listening to us for a short hour or so, Sam managed to capture what we stand for as a family and how important our family and friends are to us.  Both my husband and I read her words and cried.  It was amazing.

The Guardians chose to keep their pledges a secret so we discovered them on the day and all the touching speeches, together with Sam’s beautiful words meant there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Everyone who attended commented on how beautiful the day was and how apparent it was that we have close friends and family who love us.  We felt very special and blessed.  Someone mentioned that it felt particularly special because, as Brits, we don’t typically share our feelings of love so openly – at least not in a room full of people and definitely all at once…unless gin is involved.  Ha ha.  It was this sharing and honesty that was so magical and, since it as lead by Sam, it was made comfortable and natural to do so.

I highly recommend doing something like this if you’re considering a special day for your kids or for any other significant occasion in your life.  It’s moments like this that truly matter and to us, are now unforgettable.

baby blessing costs £195 and they cater for other occasions too.  Most importantly though, Infinite Love is a service completely tailored to what you want and it is this that made the day so utterly magical for us all.

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I managed to capture snippets of the day with some special images at the end, in order to share some of the little details of the day such as the decor, kids games and our epic food truck!  Watch the video below:

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All images by Little Miss Brighton, thank you so much sweetheart for capturing our special day.


Guardians and daughter


One of our Guardians and her daughter


One of the Guardians


The amazing Samantha Goodchild of


My husband, son and I listening to the amazing words. Our faces say it all.






The moment I made my husband take a deep, emotional breath with my speech

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