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Nursery Ideas with a Seaside Theme

Posted August 28, 2014 by Bethanie Lunn










I’ve recently moved into a seaside apartment while we save for a deposit for our own house, and had so much fun decorating my son’s nursery.  Although it’s a rental, the blend of one-off finds, handmade creations and key buys from Mothercare, has resulted in a personalised and thoughtful space for him to enjoy.  Here is the finished result…

Seaside Theme

Since we live by the sea, I love bringing the outside-in and helping Frankie be aware of his surroundings as well as encouraging his imagination with underwater creatures, fish and giant whales.  This theme would work anywhere though.

The Undersea Adventure Nursery Wall Make-Over Kit, £42 is excellent since they stick on so easily and peel of just as nicely too, making them ideal if you want to decorate a room quickly, easily, on a budget or if you have the restrictions of rented accommodation.  They leave no marks so you can also change the positions if you want to play around with a design first.

I have decorated the wall at Frankie’s changing table since he hates a change but the stickers keep him occupied and therefore happy.  Result!  I’ve incorporated his toys by adding air bubbles to them to bring the scene to life and even the changing mat itself fits the concept.  I’ve continued the theme throughout with toy boats and this gorgeous nautical lamp and matching storage basket.

It’s all in the Detail

I believe a house is not a home until you personalise it with symbols of your families personalities everywhere.  In my opinion, your home should reflect who you all are and capture memories, thoughts and what is important to you all.

I therefore enjoy making my own art work like the below quote to my gorgeous boy from his Dad and I.  It reads, ‘First we had each other then we had you, now we have everything’.  I also found an original record by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and framed it to showcase his name in a unique way.  we display all his presents from his Aunts, Grandparents, friends and parents and I’ve taken a used glass jar and turned it into a keepsake treasure jar for all the seashells and driftwood he collects on the local beach.

Vinyl with his name on, Boat from a Mothercare beach play set and a money box from his Auntie Hannah


The crochet blanket decorates the rocking chair and is handmade by his Second Cousin, Linda.
A present from Auntie Mel recording his birthday, time and weight
A period fireplace is adorned with cool plaques and a handmade boat bought from an Independent Artist on eBay.

Toys and wooden letters from family and friends plus a jar I’ve made for him to collect his seashells and driftwood from the beach, labelled ‘Frankie’s Beach-side Memories’

A Piece of History

I found these books on Amazon after hunting down the title that my Mum used to read to me.  The ValueTales is a series of books that use a real-life person to exemplify an important value making them highly educational, not just for self-development but for historical facts too.  The edition my mum read to me is The Value of Believing in Yourself, where Spencer Johnson describes achievements in the life of Louis Pasteur (1822-1895).  

I love the fact that I can pass these values to my son now that I’m a Mum myself and impart the same wisdom my Mum did on me since ‘believe in yourself’ is a motto I live by even now.

Bubble Machine Fun

What kid doesn’t want a bubble machine?  Frankie is 15 months and thoroughly entertained by his.  The amazing Flora the Fish Bubble Machine, £15 is very easy to use and the rate at which it creates bubbles is highly impressive.


















Please watch >this short 10 second video< to see how it works and instantly fills the room with bubbles – Frankie loves it, as you can see and >this fun collage< is definitely worth a look.

I hope you’ve found the images and ideas inspiring.  I’d love to hear about your creations.

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