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Nothing a cuppa can’t fix!

Posted March 30, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn

With the madness of bank holiday weekend over, there is nothing I like more than sitting down with a cuppa to do nothing for an hour. Whether it’s with a friend for a catchup or by myself to watch the world go by, there’s nothing quite like just chilling out for a few minutes with no distractions.


However, It might be easy for me to say. As a mum, the luxury just be and do nothing may seem like a distant memory. My advice is to grab that few minutes whenever you can and make no excuses to avoid that very important me time.

Baby having a nap? Brew a cuppa, the chores can wait! It’s the weekend? Take it in turns with your partner to have a lye in over the next couple of days.

Editor of this blog Bethanie Lunn, has been known to grab a bit of me time anywhere, and I mean anywhere. Just check out her vlog to see what i mean…

I have explored many hideouts in Brighton to get my tea and cake fix and my new obsession is Cafe Coho on Ship Street. With its wooden interior and comfy sofas, its the perfect little spot for a bit of you time.

Recommendation: The pancakes… you’re welcome.


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