No Fake Sh*t Here

Posted May 22, 2017 by Bethanie Lunn

There’s an awful lot of fake shit going on and it’s doing my head in.  There is no point in beating around the bush.

In a world where it has become the norm to photograph your lunch before eating it, where we’ve become experts in our own self-proclaimed rights and where we style ourselves and our lives in a seemingly perfect way, what and whom can we trust?

We’re all guilty of it, even if just a little.  You might of styled up a shot, added a few props and cleaned the area just to get a good shot of a plate of food…while the rest of your house looks like a cesspit.  You might of harnessed the almighty powers of a filter to bleach out your spots on a selfie or, and I’m guilty of this one, you may have roped in your poor ‘Instagram Husband‘ to capture the ‘perfect’ shot of you in that outfit, in front of that graffiti wall.  So where do we draw the line?

Personally, I embrace all of this BUT I keep it real at the same time.  I make a joke of capturing an image of my coffee before I sip it and I choose when.  You need to check yo self if you lose your shit over forgetting to do it or if you do it every time.  I post about the downs as well as the ups and I share outtakes of double chin shots, blemishes or challenging times.  All this in a bid to share, inspire and uplift.  But you know what, it is not harming anyone whatever, however and whoever you post about.  So long as you’re posting about what you love, you are  staying true to yourself and you aren’t harming anyone – who gives a crap?


I recently captured these feelings by writing a poem about the whole Instasham thing.  You can watch it below and read it onwards.  How do you feel about all this?


InstaSHAM, I’m done

Insta Mum, Influencer, Girl Gang, Tribe

I’m not sure which one I am, I just believe in my own vibe

I feel bogged down with the backlash, fakery drives me insane

Not sure about what you want – but can’t we just look at pictures again?

I love sharing my life and I like to keep it real,

To open up and tell you what I believe in, think and feel

But all the hate and anger really just ain’t me

I’d rather high five or hug you and have a cup of tea

I’ll always share my opinion, I’m brave and strong and true

I’ll laugh about my kids and how I have ‘me time’ on the loo

You all know I love coffee – sleep deprivation is the worst

My tits and arse are in a race to see who hits the floor first

But I love being a mum.  I do lipstick, peonies, unicorns and glitter

I’m a walking talking cliché but I definitely ain’t bitter

You’ll get happy, you’ll get positive, you’ll see me posing like a dick

‘cos these are the things I like doing, don’t care if makes you sick

It all seems way too heavy, there’s so much bitchiness it seems

But I like to keep it simple and see women as a team

So join me on this adventure but if I’m not your cup of tea

You really can’t please everyone, so just unfollow me

I don’t want to argue, bitch or moan, it ain’t my style hon

So I’m sharing my world in my way so Instasham, I’m done.

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