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My Top 5 Cough and Cold Cures for Kids

Posted November 25, 2014 by Bethanie Lunn

I was going to write, ‘it’s that time of year when you get the dreaded cold’, except I’ve found that since becoming a mum, I always have a cold, freezing weather or not.  It’s a common problem, as soon as your little one starts mixing with other children, say at nursery, play groups or pre-school, their young immune systems aren’t yet equipped to fend off the lurgy and they get whatever virus is going around.  Then they spread it around.  This results in your children being ill quite often when they’re young and sadly, that is likely to mean you will be too.

Fighting It

As adults, our immune systems are stronger of course but as the person who spends the most time with my son, I’m definitely susceptible to pick up whatever germs he has 🙁

Over the past four months, I’ve tried and tested every cough and cold cure going, taken heaps of advice and short-listed what I have personally found to work the best so here goes…

My Top 5 Cold Cures

1. Manuka Honey – this is produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush and has antibiotic and antibacterial purposes.  There are grades of this honey and the higher the number, the more concentrated and therefore potent it is.  10+ upwards is best.  I now take a teeasppon a day and my son (aged 18 months), has a baby spponful a day.  When we first started taking it, we were both full of cold with blocked sinuses and headaches, a slight temperature with aches and pains.  

I can honestly say manuka honey made me feel less like a corpse-warmed-up, giving me more energy and once, when I forgot to take it for a few days, I got ill again!  

Becuase of it’s medicinal properites, I also use it on my skin, dabbing on a little when I have a blemish or spot.  The next day, it has pretty much gone.

You an buy this from health food stores and even supermarkets these days.

2.  Ginger – is said to have direct anti-inflammatory effects making it great if you have a headache or blocked sinuses.  Take it fresh in hot water by finely chopping a few slices and adding lemon, buy ginger teabags for an easy route or add it to your diet for a warming taste.

3.  Good ‘ole paracetemol – sometimes nothing else can take the pain away like medicine can.  Daytime flu capsules with caffeine can help you function and for little ones, Calpol works very well when things are bad.

4.  Sambucol for kids tastes like, and is made from, black elderberries so is packed full of Vitamin C and Zinc.  In liquid form, it is suitable for children from 1-12 years and is for daily dose.  My son sees it as a fun drink to have after breakfast and loves the taste. 

5.  Olbas Oil – I sprinkle baby Olbas Oil in my sons bath before bedtime, on my sons sleeping bag, favourite toy and on his blanket in his cot at night.  I also put a few drops in a bowel of ater and place that over the radiator, it acts as a room vaporiser to help them breathe more clearly and therefore sleep better.

Other Reccomendations

Other things I do regularly that seem to work include warm drinks to help soothe a chesty cough along with sitting in a steamed bathroom (sit with your child and run the shower or taps on hot with the door closed, letting the room fill with steam).  This loosens up any catarrh and helps them breathe more easily, even as babies.

What remedies can you share?

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