My Tips to Come Up With Inspired Christmas Present Ideas

Posted December 2, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

Christmas is always a fun time (when it’s not stressful!) I start my shopping early in October so to avoid the mad rush and love coming up with gifts that I know the people I love will love. Here’s a few tips for coming up with inspired Christmas present ideas…


Start off by grabbing a pen and paper and doing a brainstorm on some ideas you have already. Come up with as many weird and wonderful things as you possibly can.  You could even look on gift sites to get ideas since many of them allow you to categorise your search to suit the receiver and your budget. If you’re looking for a gift for a picky boyfriend, a gift site could inspire you with some unusual gifts for him. Think of hobbies and likes of people you love and then search for gifts that relate to them.

Always Set a Budget

Before buying anything, make sure you always set a budget. Christmas can be a time many people give in to the temptation of spending more money than they actually have. Make sure you set an overall budget for Christmas, and then allocate each person a maximum spend. Don’t take into account how much they’ll spend on you or anything like that. You want to feel comfortable with the amount you’re spending. Plus, it really is the thought that counts. I know that sounds like a cliche! You might even consider making some gifts yourself. This should save you lots of money, and will be more sentimental to the receiver. Start the year as you mean to go on with some money left in the bank.

Go Snooping

If you’re stuck for ideas, I like to go snooping. I’ll check social media accounts, and make a point of staying alert when visiting their houses or having a catch up. You can usually find so many great clues this way. Yep, a bit of stalking is needed. You never know, they might even have a wishlist with certain stores, so you can buy something right off there if you’re really stuck. However, I like to give something that I’ve come up with myself. I find this has a better impact and is more thoughtful. My family and I to tend to ask you what you want for Christmas but I personally love a surprise so my husband and I do so every year.

In an ideal world, people will appreciate just about anything you give them. However, this isn’t always the case. If you’re worried, simply keep the receipt or ask for a gift receipt. If they really don’t like it, this gives them the option of taking it back. It’s a bit rubbish, but you shouldn’t take it personally. If you’ve tried really hard and you haven’t tried to purchase a risky gift, like clothes, all should be well. Make sure you leave plenty of time before the big day so that you can shop and find the best deals.

Leave your own tips for me below. x

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