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My January Favourites For Busy Mums

Posted January 13, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn

My January favourites include some great #MumCheats and are somewhat practically themed and amazing for busy mums.

Secret Saviours The Multitasking Support Band, Day Gel and Night Cream, £69.95


When this wonder product first arrived, I loved the fresh, sleek packaging of the products but found the appearance of the support band rather bizarre; covered in bumps and bubbles. Call me vain, but I like to wear clothing and accessories, right down to my oversized maternity briefs that look as lovely as possible. After all, when you look like waddling egg on legs (as in my case), every little helps.


But when you discover that this clever bit of kit was created by a surgeon and a tissue engineering professor, and has been scientifically proven to help prevent stretch marks in 7 out of 10 pregnant women, that’s easy to get over!

So why is it worth trying?

This patented Anti Stretch Mark Band is truly clever; lined with special pads (the bumps and bubbles) that dissipate stresses and strains to protect your precious bump while making it difficult for stretch marks to form – whoop! It is recommended to wear it by day so you get the added bonus of support for your bump as well as lower-back support.

When I first put it on, I found it very snug-fitting – and it is supposed to be. This made me question if I’d find it comfortable but I needn’t have had any doubts at all, since the band made me feel ‘held together’ and supported my lower back and under-bump as promised.

The real difference was felt when I removed the band at the end of the day – feeling immediately far less supported, heavier and strained. If only our bumps came with built in support bands like this.

The Day Gel that you’re advised to apply before putting on the band, contains hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and ethically sourced ingredients Centella asiatica, which has been shown to boost collagen content and skin strength and also improves blood flow and cell regeneration, and Vitamin B5, known to accelerate wound healing.

By the end of the day, the skin on my bump still felt nourished and soft. I might just lather it all over me. The Night Cream is much the same but a richer, luxurious cream as opposed to a light gel, which creates a pampered feeling.

At nearly full term, I still have no stretch marks and have been using this product since 27 weeks*.

Revlon 2 in 1 Hairdryer, RRP £39.99


New for this month is the Revlon 2in1 Hairdryer, (apparently the new replacement for the Tangle Teezer), but with the added benefits of drying and smoothing your hair while it brushes it through. Is that a sea of busy mums I hear rejoicing?

It’s shaped like a paddle brush so is great for smoothing hair and it’s easy to handle – far easier and quicker than using a separate hairdryer and brush. All you need to do is comb through your wet hair then let this do the rest. The in-built Iconic Conditioning Ioniser reduces frizz whilst drying it – killing three birds with one stone.


Unlike similar hairdryers/stylers – this one isn’t clunky, doesn’t tangle your hair and actually dries it to a smooth finish. It took under 10 minutes on my fine hair and left it shiny and soft. I used it over the Christmas period when our household was super busy and it’s now my go-to hairdryer when I want to look polished but fast.  Look out for my vlog on my channel next week showing you how it works in real time.

UPDATE: Watch the video below to see how it works and how fast it is (or isn’t?)..

Body Silk Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bra, RRP £30 from Bravado Designs


Another comfortable essential for pregnant women, is a well-fitting nursing bra that takes you through pregnancy and beyond.  By mid-afternoon, I found that my bras (even though I wore maternity designs), cut into me under my breasts, making my rib cage feel sore so I had to go braless come 4pm and let my girls hang free. Hang being the operative word.  This is NOT a good look for me, let alone having no support for my ever-changing breasts.

So, I recently tried this design in Cherry Red and it is honestly the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn! It has been great for the festive season but in this colour, just makes me feel more girly and vibrant when I wear it – no granny-like style in sight.

Why is it so comfortable?

The award-winning Body Silk Seamless moulds itself to every woman’s unique shape so you get a gorgeous silhouette beneath clothing and a cosy fit unique to you. The wide back and fastening combined with the soft double layer fabric and 4-way stretch material adapts to your changing shape.

The cups fully drop away and clips that lie flat under close-fitting clothing and are easily opened and closed with one hand, making it perfect for breastfeeding too.

Available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.  Use the website to find out which is best for you >here<.

*Secret Saviours do recommend starting the regime from 12-14 weeks of your pregnancy for optimum results.

Disclaimer: PR samples were sent to me for Secret Saviours, Revlon and Bravado but I chose to review them independently since I feel they are relevant to my readers and I’m happy to recommend them after testing them for myself.  All opinions are my own. 

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