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My Fashion Favourites for Work on the Move

Posted October 27, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

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If your job is like mine, then you may find yourself in cafes and bars with wifi more often than you are in a real office. When your work is online, you can truly work anywhere your mood takes you. You tend to hold meetings in comfortable yet public places and you need to do your research while you’re out and about so you can capture all those gorgeous images!

Time is precious to me, so yes I’ve worked up a bit of a sweat dashing from one place to the next. When I’m in the heart of Brighton city, getting around quickly has to be done on foot, although I know some guys in our game that use a bicycle. Hmm, maybe one day :-/ This means flat pumps or my pretty Converse are my new best friends when I’m out and about. 

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I’ve usually got a MacBook with me too. I’m online, and I write, so I need the full keyboard. The iPad just won’t do, especially when I’ve got to get an article uploaded. Some of my photos are taken on the smartphone, so this synchs up quickly and easily for me to pop on the website. Carrying all this around though can be hard work.  I swear my repetitive strain injury in my left shoulder is from lugging heavy bags (and now a toddler too).

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If money was no object: My Dream Backpack

I love backpacks now because of how much they can hold and how effectively they spread the weight. They’re organized and protective, but there aren’t that many that look really stylish at the same time. There are a few gorgeous ones out there like Shinola’s backpack and others that are quality leather. Best of all, they’re not bulky, and they are much more comfortable and stylish than a boring black laptop bag.

When I’m dashing about, I feel more comfortable in leggings. They just move easier without some of the rub denim gives and look great with tunics, casual t-shirt dresses or skater dresses.  Best of all, they fit that whole street style look that makes life much easier when you’re on the run between places. 

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My hair gets in the way when I’m out and about. The wind tosses it all over. I like it down and wavy, but I need something to tame it in bad weather. Hats work really well, providing you find the right fit to avoid hat hair. I love a wide brim, but a baker boy or trilby is my favourite – that or a simple topknot.

I’ve also been looking into apps for on-the-go production and love fellow blogger, Sarah Smirk’s list.  Fanurio looks great for freelancers, allowing you to plan your projects, track the time spent and bill all from the app.

What tips for life on-the-go can you share? x

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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