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My Baby Shower: Get Some Great Ideas & Share in the Fun

Posted January 26, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn

With the arrival of baby no.2 just around the corner, I recently had a wonderful evening with a Baby Shower.  Some of my lovely friends helped me to celebrate her soon arrival and have some giggles – it was a warm, fun-filled and often gory (!) evening.

I didn’t have a shower with my first child and never thought to have one this time around until a friend asked me.  ‘Well ,why the hell not?’ I thought.  A Baby Shower is after all a way to feel pampered, have some all-important girl time and heaps of fun during the challenging time of pregnancy.  At 36 weeks now, I feel I freakin’ deserve all of that!


I’ve always seen Baby Showers as an American tradition but they’re becoming ever more popular this side of the pond too.  We don’t tend to adopt all of the terms, however and put a British spin on it of course.  For instance, I could never see myself registering for baby gifts that I need / want.  Maybe it’s just me but I personally don’t expect anything, although my friends did get me wonderful gifts which was a lovely surprise (love you ladies).

Take a look at some of the images below to see what fun we had alongside some great ideas for games and the easiest menu EVER.

Food and Theme


We held the shower at my place – this makes it easy for people to get to and from, with a ‘no-rules’ policy – you don’t have to worry about upsetting others in a public place with your laughs and lewdness.  Plus you personally don’t have to worry about childcare or waddling long distance!


This is THE EASIEST BABY SHOWER MENU EVER. I went for a retro tea party with pink being the main colour, since were expecting a girl and served with vintage china and crystal.  I think showers allow you to be a little kitsch.


I laid on fondant fancies, bon bons, chocolate eggs, chocolate dipped strawberries – these were incredible (see below)…


Finger sandwiches of cream cheese and pesto, french bread with mozzarella and tomato, mini bruschetta with a twist using mustard, chorizo and parmasan, plus sweet chilli crisps and homemade humus dips


The chocolate dipped strawberries look so effective and taste amazing but are so easy to make! I simply melted Lindt white chocolate in a bowl over boiling water then dipped the strawbs into the mixture followed by a dip into a pot of 100s and 1000s. This made them look super pretty. They’d be ideal for kids parties too but the big kids loved them.



Thy were left in the fridge to set for an hour and a half (minimum), on greaseproof paper.

Favours and Little Touches


I was wondering what to get my guests as favours.  I think it’s a nice touch to thank them for coming and for sharing the moment with you.  My friend Lucy bought over these gorgeous rose bushes for everyone to take home.  She referred to them as ‘blooming like Beth herself’, aww.


Mine definitely is!  The roses are getting bigger by the day – I’m sure there is a metaphor here 😉

I didn’t go crazy with decor, I simply pinned pink curly streamers, ribbon and balloons around the room while Lucy provided pink ribbon for each guest to accessorise with.  I prefer this subtlety plus  – waddling, heavy and with pelvic pain – I don’t want to be taking down masses of decorations afterwards! Ha.

Drinks were simple – prosecco, pink lemonade and elderflower plus I made a greeting ‘Welcome to Beth’s Baby Shower‘ displayed on a vintage easel.



Now this is where it got really fun! Rachel and Lucy were games masters and put on everything from guess the baby – with each of us cringing at our baby photos, guess the (chocolate) poo, guess the baby food flavour and pin the catheter on the vagina. Yes, really.


“it’s a good year, this one”. Here I am tasting the poop from inside a nappy. Well, the poop is actually chocolate, melted down and placed inside a nappy to look like a no.2. We had 5 chocolate bars / poos in total to taste and guess. I actually had to mentally prepare myself for this one, ‘it’s not really poo, it’ not really poo, it’s not…’


Here we all are pulling our labour faces. I’m doing my yogic breathing (!) but a few of us look worrying…and yes, that is the vagina diagram behind us that I actually won for – whilst wearing a blindfold – pinning the catheter closest to where it should be. So proud.

This is a thank you to my lovely friends for helping make my first (and lest!) Baby Shower the most amazing evening, for making me feel like a Queen for the day and for erm, making me eat vomit-flavoured mush. Heh heh.  I’m so blessed to have you all in my life.

What do you think to Baby Showers?  Have you had one?

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