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Mumpreneur Awards 2015: Be Inspired by These Women

Posted November 18, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

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At the weekend, I travelled all the way from Brighton to Warwickshire to attend the Mumpreneur 2015 National Business Awards.  I reached the finals for the Voice category, representing parent bloggers and vloggers after over 3,000 entries!  I met lots of lovely people who I’ll keep in touch with and was inspired by three great speakers in particular.  I’ve captured a mini vlog of the day below and summarised the most inspiring words from some amazing women in business.

First up, Anna Kennedy OBE.  Wow, what a woman.  She gets by on three hours sleep a night and looks after her two sons with autism.  After constantly being failed by schools to care for, understand and educate her sons, she used her ‘spare’ time to set up a specialist school with her husband, then in their converted garage. Going brilliantly, Anna and her husband prepared a feasibility report to convert a local school which was heard to be demolished, into a school for Special Needs children.  They re-mortgaged their house in order to raise 627,000 for this.  Finally the school for autistic children opened in 1999 with only 19 pupils.  Today there are over 150.

Her energy is tireless and inspiring, almost infectious and you can’t help but admire her passion.

These are my favourite quotes from Anna at the awards,

‘I went for it because I just didn’t know if I’d ever get the opportunity again’.

(On her 3 minute appearance on ITV to promote the cause).

‘They said, “you can’t do that”, and I said “we’ll see about that”…I DID do it.’

‘Don’t give in’

‘If someone says no to you, keep going until you find someone who will say yes’.

‘Keep your feet firmly on the ground’.

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Another of my favourite speakers was Kelle Bryan.  Kelle used to be in Eternal – Britain’s most successful R&B group ever. After selling over ten million records, notching up 14 top 15 UK hits and four top ten albums, as well as achieving countless awards, her world came crashing down when she was diagnosed with lupus.  Her health deteriorated and she lost the power of speech.  Remarkable when you see this beautiful, courageous woman standing on stage so confidently.

Watch my video to hear some of Kelle’s empowering words:

The video also shows a mini vlog of the day so see what I got up to and when I collected my award for ‘Highly Commended Voice’ in the blogger and blogger category. Yay!

Caprice Bourret was also a speaker and she is hilarious.  Very honest and open especially when it comes to motherhood.  My favourite lines from her,

On kids:

‘The sillier you are, the more your kids love it but as soon as they hit two, freakin’ nightmare!’

‘They (her two sons) like me to go into see them at night, and tell me they’ve done a poo in the middle of the night so I go into their room to change them and they’re liars!  They’re so smart these kids.’

On business:

‘Be persistent.  Stalk.  Stick with it and it will pay off…and feel damn good when it does’.

What do you think to these words and speakers?  Any words of wisdom to share yourself?

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Thank you to everyone for supporting me and as ever, for the opportunity. xx

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