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Maternity Fashion Tips for Each Trimester

Posted August 29, 2017 by Bethanie Lunn

As part of my maternity fashion video series with Secret Saviours, the award-winning stretch mark prevention system for pregnant women, my third video focuses on how to dress throughout the trimesters, what with your body shape forever-changing!

In summary;

Trimester 1 – personally, I wanted the safety net of the 12-week scan before announcing my pregnancy to the world and so, to avoid suspicious looks and probing questions, I dressed to conceal the early signs.

Boxy tops and boot cut jeans with my trusty Anti-Stretch Mark Band worked well.  Loose boyfriend style blazers, waterfall trenches and duster jackets that grace over your shape will also camouflage a growing bump and will stay with you throughout your pregnancy, making them good investments.  New Look Maternity and ASOS are my favourites.

Trimester 2 – this stage is all about showing off your bump to the world and wearing flattering clothing to help you do so.  It seems as though your shape is changing every week so be sure to support your growing bump with your Secret Saviours band to help prevent stretch marks then choose empire line dresses and tunic tops that cinch in under your bust and float out over your bump.

You can also add definition by adding a stretchy belt over any top.  Team with over the bump skinny jeans then dress down with Converse or high-tops and dress up with a very low heel – because this is probably the last time you wear them comfortably for a while!

Trimester 3 – as your bump and baby grow larger, you’re carrying precious, heavy cargo and get tired very easily (no kidding).  At this stage, it is all about comfort and ensuring you feel supported.

My Secret Saviours band helped me feel held in and supported then I gravitated to over the bump maternity leggings and loose t-shirts or dresses.

Choose flat shoes at this stage but there are so many colours and styles around, you don’t have to compromise style for comfort.  You can have both.

Finally, add in loads of personality with accessories – you can wear them post pregnancy too and they’re an affordable way of updating your look (not to mention being able to wear them no matter how big your bump gets)!  I used handbags from independent label, Bell & Fox which will last you a lifetime, jewelry from Cheap Frills and pin badges from Café of Curiosities.  These details are what will help you look put together…even if you don’t feel it 😉

This is one of five maternity style videos, and you can watch the first one on what to wear at weddings >here<  Keep checking back for the next one as I’m releasing a new video every Monday and Thursday at 2pm.


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Disclosure: This is not an ad, it is a collaboration between myself and Secret Saviours, a brand I have used with great effect and truly believe in.

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