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Is Eating Clean Worth It? Eat Naked and Find Out…

Posted May 26, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

If you’ve not heard of Stacie Stewart by now, you should of. Why? Well, Stacie is a cook and bespoke baker, a published author, columnist for Fabulous magazine, DJ, a TV cook, a MasterChef finalist who regularly appears on TV including ITV’s This Morning, as a judge on Simon Cowell’s Food Glorious Food, Loose Women and Saturday Cookbook, among others. PLUS, she ran a pop-up bakery at Fortnum and Mason based on recipes from her first cookbook Stacie Bakes and now she has opened Eat Naked in Brighton. PHEW!


If that’s not enough to make you sit up and notice her amazing talent, then Stacie’s new ‘Clean Eats’ Super Food Café certainly will. Based inside the glossy East Street Arcade Brighton, Eat Naked sits unassumingly next to designer sportswear and high-end beauty stores, with a name as confident and sassy as Stacie herself.

The concept of Eat Naked is not as the name might suggest (if you have a filthy mind like me), but instead gives a nod to the raw and natural foods served. ‘We believe in foods that nourish the body and have super health benefits’, Stacie states, ‘ALL of our foods are free from chemicals and processing, gluten, wheat, refined sugars and with the exception of the odd dash of fat free Greek yogurt we are dairy free too’.

From superfood salads which change daily, served with organic grass fed meats and veggie options to raw desserts, superfood smoothies and organic cold pressed juices, Eat Naked finally gives us Brighton folk the healthy, accessible, no-sh*t nutritional options we’ve been waiting for.

I’m not a raw food expert by any means but I know enough about the benefits to enjoy it as often as I can. Eating clean guarantees me energy, vitality, brighter skin, better sleep and a trimmer tum. So, what’s not to live, right? Well up until now, I’ve found it a challenge to get hold of and expensive to boot, which is why Eat Naked is welcomed by me with open arms (and an open mouth – yum)!


The Goji Berry Topped Brownie

I tried the clean, raw, vegan Goji Berry Topped Brownie, from £2.50 and oh my goodness…heaven in a slice. The fact that it was healthy made eating it all the more pleasurable and I found myself asking, ‘why do I bother eating fatty, sugar-filled manufactured chocolate when this tastes better and is better for you’?


Stacie’s back-story as to why she founded Eat Naked is linked to her personal weight loss story. She has lost four stone in the last three years thanks to clean eating, which she wanted to do after seeing herself on TV and considering herself ‘overweight and unhealthy’. I happen to think she has always looked gorgeous but a happier and healthier her now, it’s good to see Stacie doing so well, in every aspect. Her story also shows the benefits to eating clean alongside an active lifestyle.

I also grabbed a Bulletproof: double shot of organic, single origin coffee, hot water, coconut oil and grass fed butter blended, £2.50. I usually have a sweetener in my coffee but here was no need with this and it left me with a nutty, creamy taste in my mouth which I adored. My energy levels peaked afterward but I didn’t get the usual coffee crash later on. That speaks for the quality and clean blend.

eat naked lunch

Lunch on display

Lunch options range from clean eating daily specials to reinvented classics such as pulled pork with pickles and coconut mango curry. For lunch on-the-go, you simply pick your main meat, fish or vegetarian option, your base – either brown rice or rocket and spinach, decide on your two superfood ingredients and a dipping sauce. All this in a bento style box from £5.

eat naked story

Some of the treats and breakfast bowls

You should also try the Grab & Go Breakfasts – Pots and Acai Bowls of goodness using combinations of nuts, superfood granola, fresh fruit and chia oats and yoghurts.

Finally, I supped on the Mean Green juice, £3.50 late afternoon for a little pick-me-up post shopping frenzy with my two-year-old son. Made with kale, spring greens, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, ginger – you get a days worth of veg in one serving. To me, some goods taste too healthy and by that, I mean like nibbling on a plant. This tasted goooood, like fresh green apples with a dash of zesty lemon – utterly refreshing.


I had all my treats to go but there is a window table top with stools if you want to sit in, which would comfortably seat around 4 people. The idea is that you can grab your goodness and go so you can stay healthy even if you’re in hurry. This beats grabbing a pastry and coke while dashing sbout (DON’T DO IT), and with the living proof of Stacie that eating clean makes you look and feel amazing, I’m sold.

Also worth a look:

Eat Naked Organic Juice Cleanses that claim to help you lose up to 7lbs in 3 days by flooding your body with nutrients for a more energized you with brighter skin and a flatter tummy. That sounds like something that appeals to me! Prices start from £35.

Eat Naked, 16 East Street Arcade, Brighton. T: 0127 320 2548.

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