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How to Rock Rings (S’cuse the Pun)

Posted October 31, 2013 by Bethanie Lunn




I’ve noticed a flux of celebrities wearing plenty of finger candy lately – adorning their fingers with rings.  It inspired me to trawl through my ring collection and see what goodies I have.  I’m not suggesting you wear all of your rings in one go as pictured (that’s just to show you my range), but I do think it’s fun to go all-out and wear reams of rings on one hand – just choose them carefully.  Ensure you don’t over do it on your other jewelry too. You want to look quirky not scary.

Ideally, as with most of my my jewelry pieces, your rings should carry meaning.  It’s extra cool that way.  I can tell a story about every one here.

The opal on my little finger, below was given to me by my sister when I was seven years old.  I used to peer into it, believing that I could see the universe inside and that it had magical powers.  Well, I had an active imagination (still do), and to a young girl, it does look kinda magical right?

The one below that is my mums first wedding ring from the 1970s and the aqua teardrop is a gift from my mother-in-law.

I have a collection of vintage rings, the glass costume ring above is vintage, bought second hand in a charity shop and I have a few rings by one of my most favourite jewelry designers, Babette Wasserman.  The amber cross and the aqua and pink design are both hers.  Buy my ultimate Babette ring, which always draws in compliments, is the Glitter Chameleon Mini Ring, £165.  The beautiful tonal crystal graduation is simply stunning and unique.

Do you have sentimental pieces?


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