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How To Make Christmas More Affordable

Posted November 23, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

I recently wrote a post about how I like to get ready for Christmas – it’s only a few weeks away now. Writing this got me thinking about how expensive the holidays can be, especially when you have little ones with big lists for Santa.  From all the yummy food that needs to be brought to the gifts and decorations, there is a lot of expense that comes with the festive season. That being said, while Christmas is expensive, there are ways you can make it a little more affordable.

In case you are struggling to afford everything, I thought that I would share a few useful tips for making Christmas more budget friendly…

Get Crafty

It may be a little more time consuming than sending cards, but if you want to save money, the DIY approach can be ideal. If you have little ones, perhaps you could make your homemade cards even more special by getting them to help make them? Everyone loves a handmade Christmas card, especially when a child has made it.

Or, how about making your own photo Christmas cards? All you need is a festive photo of the kids, some card, and some glue, and voila, you have beautiful cards to send out.  

We often send e-cards to a select list of friends and family with a silly photos of us all and donate the money we would have spent on cards and postage to a charity instead.


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Set a budget and stick to it

Easier said than done I know, but if you want to make Christmas affordable, a budget is vital. Don’t be embarrassed by how much you can spend on each person, remember it’s the thought that counts.  Some of our family choose not to buy for each other, instead  – making the effort to get together.  After all, time spent with your nearest and dearest is worth the most.

To give your gifts a boost, consider making some homemade treats to go with them. To buy a scented candle, it can cost at least £5 whereas you can make one for less than £2. Fudge and sweets can come in at a hefty £6, but you can make your own for half the price. For body butter, you can expect to pay over £8, but you can make it yourself for under £3.  I’ve also written up a collection of the most loveliest memories I have growing up with my my Mum.  I went back as earlier as I could and told the story of what I recall and what she taught me.  I had it bound for £2 and to this day, it is one of her most treasured gifts.  For more ideas, view my Pinterest board on DIY Christmas Gift Inspiration.


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Catalogue Shop

For big presents like things for the kids, don’t stress about paying for them. Instead, use catalogue shopping sites, like to buy gifts. These sites are fantastic as not only is there a wide selection of products to choose from but they also offer a buy now, pay later service.  Obviously, you need to ensure that what you buy you can afford to pay off after Christmas but as long as you can, using these sites is fine.

Do a Secret Santa

If you are part of a large family or friendship group, instead of giving everyone a gift, organise a Secret Santa. You’ll find that you’re not the only one struggling to afford Christmas, so a Secret Santa will be a popular idea.

To make arranging it easier, use an app or online site to choose who has who. There are various sites to choose from, but one of the best is All you need is everyone’s names and email address, and the website will do the rest.


What money-saving ideas can you share?

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