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‘Announcing’ your pregnancy is a thing

Posted August 23, 2017 by Bethanie Lunn

As part of my maternity fashion video series with the award-winning stretch mark prevention system for pregnant women, Secret Saviours my second video focuses on what to wear when you’re ready to announce your pregnancy:

 The pregnancy and birth announcements seem such big deals these days.  Some people make customized cards, others tell the world on social media and I’ve seen quirky images especially designed to share the news.

You don’t have to go to any extreme, you just do what’s right for you.  For me, you can go one of two ways, cute and quirky with a slogan t-shirt or an amazing photo capture in the dress of your dreams.

I love Asos Maternity for slogan t-shirts like this one and the dress was from Seraphine.  Amazing isn’t it!

You can also take a picture of the heart on your bump, that will be left imprinted on your skin from wearing the Anti Stretch Mark Band for a day.  It is lined with pads of varying sizes arranged in a random pattern, including a heart. While the pads help to dissipate stresses and strains and make it more difficult for any internal tears to spread down a straight line of least resistance, the heart is a happy bonus and would make a wonderful photo to announce your special news.

You can also make a heart shape with your hands, but most of all, it should be fun.  Enjoy and congratulations. xxx


This is one of five maternity style videos, and you can watch the first one on what to wear at weddings >here<  Keep checking back for the next video.  I’m releasing a new video every Monday and Thursday at 2pm.

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