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How to avoid crap hair in crap weather

Posted October 10, 2014 by Bethanie Lunn

Sadly there’s no denying it, autumn is here and for many that doesn’t just mean crisp days and chilly nights, it means frizzy hair too!  I’ve rounded up some fabulous products to suit your lifestyle and tame that frizz so you can say buh-bye to bad hair days.

When you’re in a rush:

Get shiny, lustrous hair with ed shine by chill*.  This spray is really light so a great one for fine hair but, thanks to the pro expertise behind its creation, it also gives hair protection against heat and environmental damage. I do love a good multi-tasker. Just mist onto hair for a non-oily glossy finish in seconds. The fact that it smells like fruit is just a bonus.

The entire finishing range by chill* is worth a look too. Find it all in cool hair salons at 200ml, £11.99.

If you have a little bit of time:

FoM Revitalising Hair Serum is 100% natural and silicone free so it won’t weigh your hair down, not even fine hair like mine. It’s enriched with phyto complex for superb shine and hair recovery. Being highly concentrated to boot, deep nourishment, moisture and the encouragement of new hair growth are all extra perks. Alongside other oils, it contains one of my favourites, Jojoba Oil for added shine.  A little goes a long way with this so use sparingly or add a few drops to your conditioner, leave on for a few minutes while you relax in the bath and then rinse.  Available in sizes 100ml – £29.00 and 10ml – £4.50 from

If you have a lot of time:

When a celebrity and royal hairdresser releases a new hair care range, it’s got to be worth a look right? Aimed at giving more mature hair the gorgeous glossy treatment,the anti-ageing range contains Nucelo Trico-Hyal – an anti-ageing ingredient that stimulates hair growth, leaving it more lustrous. So I figured Richard Ward Age-Proofing Hydrating Treatment, £5.99 Waitrose would be amazing for anyone in need of extra nourishment. 
It also contains much-loved hero ingredient Argan Oil to revive tired locks. Mr. Ward himself claims, “My new anti-aging range helps to boost thickness and restore lustre and shine, re-invigorating and fortifying aging hair to help boost body, volume and condition.” Is the claim true? Well, after one use my hair felt fuller and softer for sure although I was hoping for a smoother finish. With continued use and a weekly treatment I’m confident I’ll get it, since this made a difference after just one go.

What to avoid!..

I dislike slating products but I felt I had to share this experience with you as my hair is now permanently damaged. I was sent Free From Frizz 6 Week Blow Out Treatment by a PR Company and, trusting their recommendation, I applied it as per the instructions to the T. It should be mentioned that I asked the PR Company a series of questions before use as follows:

  • Having read the instructions, it suggests that you run ceramic straightening irons through just damp / towel dried hair – is this correct?  Will the dampness not singe your hair?  Aren’t straighteners advisably used on dry hair?
  • The instructions also warn of using it on damaged hair – why? Also, how do you know your hair is damaged?
The PR Company did not answer my questions nor did they follow up with me to ask how the treatment went.

After completing the treatment as instructed – to the letter- having used Free From Frizz, my hair has ironically never been frizzier with severe permanent damage around the front of my hair, perhaps where it is considered weaker. Just check out the gross picture below – that is my hair after using this product and this was all over the front section of my hair.

I felt embarrassed, self conscious and after months of growing my hair to one length and achieving good condition thanks to regular trims and deep conditioning, it was ruined. Broken, split ends, fuzzy and breaking off.

You might say, ‘but your hair wasn’t frizzy anyway’, but claiming to ‘soften (rather than break) the bonds’ and be ‘not unlike a permanent conditioner continuously improving hair condition’ I expected to simply benefit from super soft locks.  Free From Frizz state, ‘the hair is softened and stretched, structurally rearranged, and then set. The Free From Frizz system…is carried out under essentially neutral conditions using a combination of mild reactive ingredients and protecting, restructuring, and conditioning components. Neither formaldehyde nor damaging oxidative neutralisers are used for de-frizzing effect.’

So what happended to me?..

Now this product has received good reviews from press so it clearly works for some publications but what I blame this bad experience on is the PR Company. 

I later discovered there were two types of treatment, one for thick/ coarse hair and one for fine/ normal hair. The PR Company did not inform me of this, I read the website.  They had sent me one for course thick hair when my hair is fine!

As the brands representatives who manage the products perception and reputation, they should have asked me about my hair type and made the recommendation upon that assessment.  They should have also done a more thorough and professional job and answered my questions in addition to following up. This is another classic example how some PR Agencies send out product without being targeted in the vain hope they can hit their KPIs. 

Don’t get me wrong, I ran my own PR Company for five years and often consult so I know how hard it can be and the pressure to achieve coverage. I also know it’s a two-way relationship and writers too have their moments. However, if I was the client and discovered my PR had such a lackadaisical approach with such an impactful product, I’d hit the roof! 

OK, rant over but in this current market – noone can afford to make mistakes like this.  Especially me after two expensive haircuts to look half decent again.

Have you experienced anything like this?

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