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Holiday Blues? Introduce holiday magic into your daily life with these ideas

Posted May 20, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn


Holiday blues suck don’t they?  I landed back into the UK from Greece last night and I’m back at my desk just hours later.  Throw in a toddler who still thinks he’s in Greek time and insists that he actually IS ready to start the day at 4am, plus a bevy of house and work tasks to tackle and yeah, it can suck.

On the bright side, the sun is shining, we live by the sea (and work blummin’ hard to be in this beautiful place), and I’m my own #GirlBoss.  All these things make coming back to reality a lot easier.  But this got me thinking.  Apart from the obvious R&R you get on holiday, what other factors make us love it so much?  What is it about a few days jollies that makes us miss it when it’s over?

I made a list below of the loveliness we all love on holiday and miss when we’re back home, and I’m going to make it my mission to introduce at least one of these factors into our regular working lives, each week for the next month.  I’ll let you know how I get on; if I manage to recreate a little holiday love in our lives plus the results.

Do you have any additions?..

Holiday Loveliness to Recreate at Home

  • Sunshine – there’s nothing like feeling the sun on your skin and having bright mornings to wake up to with long, balmy evenings to enjoy after work.  I’ll make the most of this, even if I am sometimes sat in the garden wrapped in a blanket
  • Outdoor fun – we’re always outside on holiday even if it’s not a sunny climate.  Breathing in fresh air, taking in the views and being more active is a definite feel good factor.  We are blessed to live in a City where outdoor activities are plentiful and with a beach on our doorstep, we should never take it for granted.  Wherever you live, parks and gardens are wonderful spaces to explore


  • Time alone – we spend time as a family but my husband and I also give each other time alone.  This is invaluable, just to feel like ‘you’ again, get your head straight, destress, do whatever you like at the pace you wish.  I WILL SCHEDULE MORE ME TIME and NOT feel guilty about it, and I’ll force my Husband to do the same
  • Swimming – my son loves the water and couldn’t stay out of the pool (which means we didn’t either), and it felt good.  I’ll be keeping up the weekly swimming classes with my son
  • Different food – I always make the effort to try the local delicacies and food, it is fun to explore and try new things.  We tried lobster in a beautiful beachfront restaurant and discovered espresso poured over vanilla ice-cream.  Both were divine so I’ll be aiming to recreate this drink and indulge in local fresh seafood too


  • Sitting down to eat – a small thing but we sat down every morning, noon and night as a family and enjoyed a meal – something we rarely do at home as we often plonk ourselves infront of the TV.  No TV on holiday is another perk so as my son grows, we are definitely going to have more meals around the table and dine al fresco this summer too
  • Slowing down – this has to be a major plus.  Just this morning, I took care of my son and dropped him off to nursery, unblocked the outdoor drain (ugh!), organised the recycling and rubbish for collection (there’s an embarassing amount of empty wine bottles here), done two loads of washing, fed the dog and done the weekly food shop – all before 8am.  Needless to say, my days didn’t begin like this on holiday!  Our morning began with fresh coffee and conversation, followed by scrambled egg, toast and crispy bacon.  A dip in the pool, yoga stretches while the boy napped and a spot of sunbathing would ensue.  Now it is not realistic to have days like this back at home with daily responsibilities but the factors I can take from this leisure is taking at least 5 minutes each morning to stretch and breathe and then at weekends, we can enjoy a slower pace and long mornings


  • Meeting new people – I love meeting new people and enjoy doing this anytime, anywhere.  I’ll be sure to keep this up.  Are there any groups you can join where you live?  The village I live in has a Facebook group espeically for local parents to meet up.  Discover something similar for yourself.  Conversation and socialising is good for the soul
  • Living simply – It felt so strange to just carry a handbag today and when I transferred my debit card from my cute ‘holiday purse’ to my chunky, receipt-filled wallet, it felt like reality hit hard.  It was a small change but one that made me realise that my to-do list had gone from ‘buy more beer’ to a never-ending list of chores as soon as we hit terraferma.  I asked myself, ‘do I really need to do all of this?  What would happen if I didn’t?’, and decided, not much.  Not much would happen so for as long as I can, I’m going to give myself a break and do less
  • Beautiful landscapes – I walk around with my eyes wide open all the time.  Noticing life’s beauty is a must.  Look up more, discover more, use your weekends to try new places, breathe in the scenery.  Live in a concrete city?  Appreciate the architecture.  It might sound wussy but beauty is everywhere, don’t miss it
  • Time with your family / partner – we get so caught up with the daily grind that we don’t often realise the wonderful things right in front of us or we don’t get to enjoy it often enough.  It can feel like all you do is work, chores, sleep, repeat and at that point, you need to take stock.  OK, so if you are out of the house at 7am and return at 8pm, the last thing you want to do is make any kind of effort.  The sofa is calling and you just ant to slob out.  I get it, really I do.  Once a week though, how about you turn the TV off once the kids are in bed and share a bottle of wine with your other half and talk?  It’s all too easy going round and round again but this small change will be worth it.  Trust me.


  • Having a lie-in – ah lie-ins.  I remember those.  My husband is very kind and gives me a lie-in at the weekend and we often take it in turns.  Squeeze one in somewhere or take it in turns to take the kids out of the house while your partner has some pamper time in a (rarely) quiet house
  • Not cooking or cleaning – don’t you just love the maid service you get on holiday?  Fresh towels, made beds and clean everything every day.  Until I take over the world and get mega rich, hiring a maid is not a possibility and cleaning and cooking is just part of the real world but what I am starting to do is make our money go further and plan our meals each week.  Our favourite family dishes (that even our fussy toddler enjoys), are going on this blog so cooking is like a fun project for me right now and we get to try something new each week.  Get some ideas for yourselves in the Living section.

Have you got any additions?  Please add to the comments box below.  It’s got to be worth try. x

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