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Pregnant & Having Trouble Sleeping? Try this…

Posted October 3, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn


One of the (many) things I find challenging during pregnancy is the inability to sleep. Perhaps it’s natures way of preparing you for sleepless nights when the baby arrives but that doesn’t make it easier, right?

If I do manage to find a comfortable position, you can guarantee that is the exact moment that insomnia hits or child number one wakes up. I’m therefore always looking for ways to aid a better night sleep and recently got aquatinted with the Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow.

If you’ve never tried one, I advise you do as one of this quality not only aids relaxation, it also supports you in all the right places as your body goes through those enormous changes. The sooner you start using it, the more relief you will feel.

Here are the positions I find most comfortable:

The filling of the original is made up of millions of tiny micro beads that conform to the shape of your body during pregnancy, whatever position you are in. This means it will remain supportive without giving way so it’s great for supporting your bump gently while providing more solid support for your back, for instance.

IMG_3544       IMG_3528

Positions 1 and 2 above, can provide comfort and relaxation for the spine and limbs.  Lying these ways also keeps your legs and tummy cosy and snug – even your head and shoulders are supported.


Position 3 above, helps you to avoid rolling onto your back, such as in late pregnant from month 6/7 when you’re advised to lie on your side. These positions are also great for supporting your back and hips.  I like to bash mine into place; moulding it into the small of my back – which is therapeutic in itself!

The Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow* is also ideal for nursing. Because of the length of it (approx. 190 cm x 38 cm), you can lie it across your lap to relieve your arms, shoulders and neck – placing baby on top and then curl the end round your back for lower back support.



Positions 6 and 7 above, are great to relieve your lower back. I often sit up in bed with these ones which, without the pillow, can be quite the task now! The top image is also fabulous for helping tired legs and swollen ankles.

The pillow has now become a good friend I snuggle up to every night, in front of the TV and in bed.   Let’s hope my husband doesn’t get jealous! Ha ha.

What are your key finds for a better night sleep during pregnancy?


The inner pillow and outer cover, which zips off, can both be wasted at 60’C.  The bag can also be tumble dried on the lowest setting. See here for more instructions.


The pillow is not breathable so you should NOT use it as a baby pillow or in their cot. I’ll be using it for baby’s tummy time but only when I’m with them.

My Nightclothes

If you love the look of the nightclothes Im coming up in in this shoot, I got them from Boux Avenue.  The Nightshirt is two sizes larger than my usual dress size and not actually maternity.  But, because it is so well made and well cut, it fits my shape while catering for my growing bump.  The Nordic Slippers are wonderfully soft and comfortable, lined with faux sheepskin for added comfort – plus they look great too right?

*The pillow was a PR sample but all opinions are my own throughout this independent review.  


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