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Hair Tips by Mark Woolley of Electric Hairdressing, Brighton

Posted November 7, 2014 by Bethanie Lunn

Most fabulous for making you feel on top of the
Electric Hairdressing, Brighton

So why is Electric Hairdressing so worthy of a fabulous badge?

Well, not only are there six salons across the UK brimming with glossiness and expertise but I was lucky enough to have a cut and blow-dry by Mark Woolley himself. An award-winning Hair Stylist with over 21 years’ experience, Mark is the Creative Director behind the Electric brand encompassing
the six salons (Brighton, London, Edinburgh, Reading, Liverpool and Oxford), a Luxury Hair Care Range (I’ve tried it and it’s seriously good), Electric Studios (where plenty of cool parties and creative shoots occur), and The Electric Education Academy to train the next generation of Mark Woolleys.
Let’s see if they delivered…

Booking Procedure:

I was invited exclusively but usual booking is very easy, just give them a call or pop in.

First Impressions:

‘Electric’ in Brighton is situated on one of my favourite streets, Ship Street with the luxurious Hotel du Vin a few doors down and a sea view at the end of it.  As you walk in, it makes a refreshing change to be greeted by smiling faces as opposed to young 20-somethings posing around the reception glaring at you.
The warm welcome and cheery staff is actually something Mark prides himself on and, including Mark, everyone is real and down-to-earth – so you can leave pretense at the door.
The interior is sleek and glossy but in a relatable, comfortable way and I noticed the bar immediately, ‘we love a good bar’, Mark jokes.  Me too – especially when you’re offered an assortment of drinks from it throughout your visit.  I settle on a freshly frothed cappuccino.

The Consultation:

Mark asked me about my hair rather than talking AT me and he
soon caught onto the looks I prefer, my needs and how to make them happen- demonstrating
his 21 years in the industry.
I had three hair wishes as shown in the above video:.      
  1. Longer hair.      
  2. Thicker hair      
  3. More life…please!


Mark’s solution to add thickness and weight was to cut my hair bluntly and rid any wispy layers.
He would also shape the grown out front layers and cut it into my cheekbone with more intent, in order to add more shape (just look at my non-event hairdo at the start of the video, compared to after).  Finally, Mark said he’ll cut my hair into a point so the hair falls forward and emphasises the length.  Genius.

What was the result?

You can see the transformation for yourself in the video above and I loved it.  Like I say, one
cut appeared to elongate my hair, revive it and my colour and add an enormous amount of body and shine – something I can rarely replicate at home.
However, Mark does share his hair tips with us in the video too so you can successfully blow-dry your locks at home.  My favourite hair tip is to use a paddle brush to blow-dry your hair all around the hairline in the opposite direction to how you’ll wear it.  This rids any kinks, smoothes it out and makes the rest of the drying easier.  The volume is an added bonus.  Be sure to look out for the ‘twist and release’ technique too.

Anything else?

The Haircare Range is definitely worth a mention.  I have to admit when I’ve tried the more
expensive haircare ranges by Celebrity Hairdressers or swish salons, I’ve not
been that impressed thinking, ‘It’s all in the name and formulated by the same manufacturers as that less expensive brand I’ll buy instead.’  Mark tells me he personally helps formulate every single product and naturally sings its praises but for me, the proof was in the pudding.
With fine, flyaway hair – most products just don’t work for me leaving it lank or greasy but the Electric Colour Protect Shampoo, £17.50 and Electric Colour Protect Conditioner, £18.50 felt light on my hair and left it glossy and bouncy.  When I washed my hair the next time, it generally felt in much better condition.  My favourite product however is the Electric Preparation Spray, £15.50.
This is a leave-in conditioner in a super-light mist form making it perfect for my hair type, especially.   When my hair gets wet it tangles (it tangles easily anyway), and it’s tough to get a comb through it.  This stuff detangles, nourishes and helps add general shine once dry but without weighing it
Ooh, and look out for the NEW e.spray coming soon.  It’s an extra dry session hairspray so it doesn’t mist onto the hair wet, leaving it crispy or weighed down, just giving invisible hold with dry contact.  This has clearly been made just for me.  Ha.


What struck me about Mark was how approachable and humble he
is considering his success.  I’m not saying everyone at the top of their game is the opposite, I’m just saying there is no ego here and that same genuine nature, passion and creative vision that he has runs through the heart of the salon.So if you want an electric atmosphere (sorry, I couldn’t help it), to feel like a star and leave looking like one – come here.

If you want Mark to work his hair magic on you, it’ll cost you around £130 – not bad for the treatment of an international Director.  Otherwise, prices start from £48 for a cut and finish with a Stylist.
I left feeling so good that I waltzed out of there without tipping the Assistant (don’t take a leaf!), but went back a couple of days later to do so since it was well deserved.I blame them for making me feel on top of the world 🙂



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