Got 10 Minutes? Here’s 10 Fun Things You Can Do Online For Free

Posted December 2, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

Got a rare bit of spare time on your hands? Then for a change, why not leave the cleaning up after the kids and have a meaningless ten minutes to yourself! It’s surprising how relaxing this can be. So, here are 10 fun things you can do online for free…

1. Games

There are plenty of sites where you can find an abundance of games to spend a spare few minutes on. You could try a classic like Tetris or Pacman or even try out something different like Club Penguin. Some of these games your kids may even enjoy so once you’ve tried them out, show them – it’ll keep them occupied – phew. 

2.  Quizzes

Sites like Buzzfeed have lots of quizzes that only take a few minutes each to complete. They will calculate just about anything about you, from how clever you are, to what your spirit animal is. Taking a short funny quiz online is a great way to spend a spare ten minutes and lots of fun, too.

3.  Find Out What Your Future Holds

Something fun yet very different to do online is have somebody predict your future! There are free online tarot readings available on the internet that you could try out. Alternatively, find out your star sign (if you don’t already know it) and you could look up your daily horoscope. 

4.  Find Recipes

A fun and practical thing to do online is to look up some new recipes. Freshen up mealtimes by taking a look at some recipe websites. I love Cooking for Busy Mums since it is full of EASY ideas that often take no time at all, plus there’s my youtube channel for family recipe tutorials.  If I can do it, you can – honestly!

5.  YouTube

YouTube is a brilliant site to pass a bit of time on. As well as being able to watch plenty of funny viral videos, you can actually find some really educational videos. Check mine out while you’re there. 

6.  Family Tree

Why not spend your spare ten minutes building up your family tree? There are many free resources online that can get you started, where you can find old photos and birth certificates. You might even find something really interesting about your genealogy.

7.  Google Maps

It sounds silly, but some fun can be had on Google Maps. Why not take a sneaky look on street view at where you are going on holiday in the summer, or just your own house!

8.  Read The News

If news interests you, then catching up on current affairs isn’t only a bit of fun, but important. There are plenty of sites that you can either read up on gossip news, politics, beauty and fashion happenings or fun news ( I wish there was more of the latter).

9.  Social Media

What better way to spend those spare 10 minutes than having a sneaky stalk of what your friends are doing on social media? Or better still, picking the perfect filter for a family photo to share with everybody on Instagram.  Look to the right and you’ll se my social media links – take a snoop >>>

10.  Print your photos

We rarely print photos these days, they’re al stored in the cloud or on a device and what a shame.  You can create collages online with sites like Pic Monkey and print them out at where you get 100 free prints if you buy 50.  Look out for the promotional codes on right now for even further bargains.  There’s something more special to me about having photos I can hold and touch and of course frame around the house.

How do you like to spend time online when you’re not working?





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