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Getting the Perfect Brows Just Got Easier

Posted December 19, 2014 by Bethanie Lunn

Professional eye and brow cosmetic brand, Chelsea Beautique has landed in Meadowhall so I simply had to try some of their legendary products. The new store is brimming with time-saving beauty must-haves from lashes and brow kits to hair chalks – all perfect for the Modern Girl.  Well, if it’s good enough for Harvey Nichols… 

Although my eyebrows are darker than my (naturally), blonde hair, they’re still fair and sparse in places so I tend to fill them in every morning to emphasise the arch and add definition.  My first choice to do so is Maybelline Brow Drama but it can get messy if you’re in a rush and my second choice is eyeshadow but it can rub off easily and isn’t always an ideal colour-match.

Enter, Chelsea Beautique Brows Kit, £35 and Eyebrow Powder, £15.

The kit comes with a semi-permanent eyebrow powder, six brow stencils to help you shape your brows and achieve that precise arch, a duo applicator brush (fabulous for painting on with precision and then softening for a more natural look) and eyebrow tweezers.  

The kit makes it very easy and quick to get the perfect brows.  You simply paint on the powder using the precision end of the applicator in the direction that your brows grow using a light, feathered touch. Then soften with the brush end of the applicator to avoid an unnatural painted-on look.  

Use the stencils to help you find a brow shape that suits you and tweeze away any strays that don’t fit within the stencil.  I used to think these were naff but hadn’t actually tried them, just go slow an dkeep checking as you go along. Since they are transparent, you can see which hairs you need to tweeze for total precision.

The professional semi-permanent powders are super-high in pigmentation, adhering to both the eyebrow hair and the bare skin beneath for a fuller look overall. The ‘semi-permanent’ bit refers to their no-budge, no-smudge water resistant finish so whether you’re sweating it out at the gym or poolside or get caught in a downpour, your brows aren’t going to melt halfway down your face!

I put it to the test and after dashing about the mall for Christmas shopping in the morning (the BEST way to work up a sweat), to ending the day with my other half over drinks, my brows did indeed stand the pace and looked like this last thing:
The plum lipstick probably helps but I think I look so much more ‘awake’ and polished than the ‘before’ pictures when I hadn’t used the powder.  They are available in seven shades from Natural for light blonde hair with fair skin tones to Midnight, suggested for black hair or for brunettes looking for a more dramatic look.  I chose Stone which is ideal for my colouring and I love how Chelsea Beautique doesn’t assume that if you’re blonde, you have blonde eyebrows – this is the perfect shade for me. Whoop!
You can pop into the store and ask for expert advice or, once you have your kit, you can watch their quick tutorials on how to do it at home too.

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