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Getting Ready for Christmas with My Gift Cupboard

Posted October 1, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

Yes, I’ve already started blogging about Christmas  – it isn’t that far away. There I said it.  I know some people see it as criminal to even think about it before December however, there are some things I have to think about, whether I want to or not.

One of the things it’s good to plan in advance is the presents. If I start thinking about it earlier, I can spread the costs. It also means I can avoid the queues, stress and mayhem with last minute panicked shoppers!  I have a secret weapon to make sure I have gifts for everyone: my present cupboard. Throughout the year, I put things in it, which are sometimes for someone specific and sometimes general to suit anyone. Here are some tips for doing one of your own.

Find Somewhere to Hide Things

Before you can put gifts in a cupboard, you’ll need somewhere to put them. That means finding a secret place to hide things, especially if you have curious little ones. Children are always good at ferreting out things you don’t want them to see, so be extra careful! Any small cupboard or even a box will do, although you might want a larger space if you’re planning on buying bigger presents. If you want to be extra safe, you can get a lock to keep out any nosey parkers.


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Set a Gift Budget

Before you start buying presents, it’s a good idea to set yourself a budget. Decide on a figure that you can spend each month or across the year. If you don’t do this, you could go overboard and spend far too much. Although it’s good to have gifts on hand, you don’t want to have a nearly full cupboard left over at the end of the year. As well as a budget, you might wish to write a list of people you expect to buy gifts for. Of course, the purpose of the cupboard is to have presents for unexpected occasions too. But knowing who you will need to purchase gifts for will give you a better idea of how much you need.

Keep an Eye Out for Gifts

When you’re looking for presents, you need to keep specific people in mind and think generally too. Then you’ll have gifts intended for certain people and some you can give to anyone in an emergency. If you spot the perfect present for someone long before a special occasion, you can get it right away and perhaps save in the sales. I like to browse shops and online stores regularly looking for anything I can add to my cupboard. The perfect places to look online are gift websites like There’s a range of products for adults and children who love different things. Look for quality gifts that people will appreciate, not pieces of tat that no one wants.

Stock Up on Wrapping Supplies

I always like to have some wrapping paper and other things on hand. When Christmas comes around, I don’t have to brave the shopping crowds. I’ve already got both presents and wrapping supplies ready to go. Any time I spot some in the sales or any going cheap in a pound shop, I grab a roll of paper or some ribbon to do all my wrapping.

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Having a present cupboard makes things much easier. I can get my Christmas shopping done early, and I always have something to give at the last minute.

What organisational tips can you share?

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