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Genes in Jeans

Posted July 1, 2017 by Bethanie Lunn

The denim family, ha ha.

If twinning is winning then we definitely are.  I couldn’t resist having us all match.  I know that quite possibly makes me a saddo but I love clothes, I love my kids and thought it would be a giggle.  Besides, denim is timeless and is the perfect fabric to wear when it is hazy and the weather can’t make up it’s mind.

The link to my top, which is actually a sleeveless shirt is on my shop page here.  I just undid a couple of buttons, lifted it up onto my waist and knotted it.

Me: Jeans by Very and sleeveless shirt by Oasis.  The yellow giant pom pom hair clips Sassie and I are wearing are by Present in the Laine in Brighton.  The tassel necklace is from a boutique in Ibiza Town and my wedges are from Clarks but I’ve had them ages.  You can find similar ones here.

Sassie: Jeans and knotted sleeveless shirt by HM Kids

Frankie: Denim shirt, part of a set by Very, and turn up jeans by HM Kids

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